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    No squadbays

    Quote Originally Posted by SlingerDun View Post
    That's a fairly long walk along B*tch Ridge to reach the base of Mt. Mutha. Humping a foot locker from the recruit squadbay would have left me with burned up gumby arms long before the summit for sure
    No squadbays back in 1972; we lived in quonset huts at the base of Mt Mutha. Not sure where our quonset huts would've been in comparison to where the squadbays are today. Also don't remember B*tch Ridge but it maybe was called something else back in the day.

    Also remember when we were there it was mating season for the tarantulas (or, for whatever reason, they were coming down from the mountains). We kept the hatches on the quonset huts open for ventilation so the tarantulas had easy access. Had to make sure we checked our boots before putting them on. They were more active at night so while walking firewatch you could see them crawling around.

    Speaking of spiders...one year at CamPen, there was a black widow infestation on the ranges especially in the butts and target shacks. They gave us leather gloves to wear and all the corpsmen carried anti-venom injections. Don't remember anybody getting bitten but besides the normal safety brief by the range OIC, we also got a safety brief from the chief corpsman about black widows (as if you don't have enough to worry about when you're trying to requal).

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    Back in 1982 When i qualified in BootCamp i shot a 238 Expert. all while in the FMF i shot Expert everytime, i suck with a 45 always shot marxmen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave2571 View Post
    What was the max then, Ron, still 250?
    yes Dave, out of 250 back then

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennessee Top View Post
    Our DI's promised us whomever qualified expert would get to call home. Sounded outstanding to me so I busted my hump and got expert (M-14).

    So, when we got to San Onofre (CamPen), the DI's had us carry our footlockers up to the top of Mount MutherFvcker and yell "here home, here home"...just like they promised. The rest of the platoon was sitting in formation at the bottom of the hill drinking water, smoking, and getting a good laugh at our expense. Oh, the memories. That's one promise our DI's didn't have to keep. I wonder if something like that could happen today or if that would be a breach of the oath the DI's take when they pick up their training platoon?

    Good lord TOP, i can't imagine having to do that. we had a few wussy's actually crying like babies trying to get up to the top with just their gear on. i would have to say as a squad leader i was pretty damn good and even i cringe at the thought of having to do that. WOW

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave2571 View Post
    It was not always necessarily because of the shooter not trying etc, if something was off or he forgot to do this or that or adjust the sights correctly, whatever----you must have been in a position like that, otherwise you would not have shot expert later on. Just one of those things.

    We had a tropical storm hit us on qualification day. Wind gusts over 60 mph. So my dope was way off. Over half the platoon went unq. Try using kentucky windage and missed qualifying by 2 points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LCPLE3 View Post
    We had a tropical storm hit us on qualification day. Wind gusts over 60 mph. So my dope was way off. Over half the platoon went unq. Try using kentucky windage and missed qualifying by 2 points.
    That's bad! And I thought spiders were tough!! I'd take black widow spiders any day over a darn tropical storm!!!

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    I'm surprised they made you shoot qual under those circumstances.

    When I re-qualed at Pendleton in 1977, we were shooting on the Margarita Range, and on Friday the Santa Ana winds started up, full value too. At the 500-yard line everyone had used max windage dope available (M-16A1) and the range officer was estimating we needed at least ten more clicks than the rifle could do (he actually fired some test shots himself), plus the winds were gusting even higher at times. He refused to make us shoot Kentucky windage.

    They had us come back the next Monday morning, first thing, and shoot the 500-yard line. I was happy because the 500-yard line was my favorite and on Monday I shot possible. The Friday before, everyone would have shot impossible.

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    I missed expert by 2 points in bootcamp, was shooting pretty good til I got a jam on the 500 and it threw off my rythym. I did get the shot off after clearing and reloading that last round. I did qualify expert in all subsequent rifle quals after that in the fleet. qualified marksman with .45 then sharpshooter with 9 mil. the thing about pistol qual was I'd shoot great until qual day then for some reason just blow it out my rear on qual day!never did quite figure that out.

    Semper Fi...

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    Rifle Range Dcoee

    Fired the range at PI in 2000, scored a 245 with a miss, I did not miss as I hit the spotter 5 times that day and still have that spotter today, was given to me to remember the day. Verified said they could not find my last shot hole on rapid fire. The next year I scored a 246, no misses. I fired expert 10 out of 10 times with the rifle and 10 times pistol. Even fired on an Army course with the pistol expert after I retired and went contracting to Afghanistan. I sure wish the verifies would have found that last shot hole, I know it was there, but finding it was difficult as there was too many holes in the same spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HST View Post
    I'm a saver...I'm sitting here looking at my:

    (For US rifle 7.62- MM, M-14)

    Date issued 12 Feb. 1966

    I fired a 214- Sharpshooter This was in boot camp. When I was with 2/27 & 2/28 after I came back from Nam we could go to the range as much as we wanted to go. After a few months of 2 times a week I was putting in 500 meter slow fire groups that you could could cover with a baseball.

    We fired 2,3,500 slow 2, 300 rapid, 10 rounds each.

    Whats the qual now with the 16 or whatever it's called these days?
    Same as when I attended Boot Camp, except with the M1 Rifle. Didn't see a M14 until 1966 when I became a D.I.
    Enjoyed the M14. Didn't get the M1 thumb with it.

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    We humped from San Diego to out where they have put in Hwy 15 across from Miramar Air Station to a place Called Camp Matthews for qualification. Lived in tents, but the weather wasn't that bad. These days when you travel Hwy 15 you can still see some of the butts if you look to the right of the freeway while passing Miramar.

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    Camp Matthews brings back a lot of memories, living in the tents etc. I was there in latter part of 61, can't remember my score but done outstanding in the prone and the sitting position but I remember when I tried to hit target while in the upright position it dropped me down to marksman, I did qualify but was very disappointed that I didn't do better.

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    I remember if one of us got caught chewing gum the he had to go to the top of the Mt and bury his gum. Needless to say it didn't take long for us to ditch the gum.

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    I was temporarily confused, This is a 2011 thread, and someone posted a post in the middle of it rather than begin a new thread, so it was confusing until I saw what happened. No problem. We can just tack on new thoughts to old threads anytime, it happens all the time. But it's confusing at first glance.

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    Only for Air Force Legal Beagle's. LOL

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