How MOS selection works
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    How MOS selection works

    From what I hear, I'll be signing an open contract and swearing in to DEP, then after I'll be signing an additional contract with a specified MOS. That although you aren't guarenteed a specific job, you ARE guarenteed an MOS field(I'm looking into aviation maintenance, so I won't have a choice of what/what part of an aircraft I'd be working with, but I'd still be guarenteed that general field)...I just ask because while my recruiter(who has been honest and trustworthy) says thats how it works, I've also heard different. I'm probably just paranoid, but I figured I'd ask an experienced Marine who's already been there. I appreciate any help guys/gals. Thanks.

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    first link, click, save and read. Yes you pick by field, but some fields are lumped together in these contracts. So when they say "here's a firefighting contract" they don't say that it also includes aviation ordnance, which most people get put into.

    Some of these contracts only include a small portion of the OccField, so it's not always the entire field.

    the contract itself will only show you the included fields, but if you view the document before you get to the contracts it displays every MOS within those fields that is on the contract.

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    So I think I understand what you mean. I suppose the real question would be that if I sign an Aviation Maintenance contract, would I be guaranteed to land an mos working on/with aircraft?? Its been forever since I've looke
    d at the contracts. Anywhere online spell this out, does anyone know? (Thank you for the input everyone)

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    The link I provided you spells it out pretty clearly, but yes the Marine Corps will assign you a job based on it's needs within your given contract. If you fail your MOS school, the Corps has the liberty to assign you where it sees fit.

    If you took the time to skim past the first few pages of that document, it starts to detail each contract, then the actual contracts are in that document as well.

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    that's what I was told. that you ARE guaranteed the mos field, but the specific mos in that field is up to them. Ok then no worries. I tried to open the link, but I was doing so from my phone and for some reason was unable to view it. I'll check it out now. Thanks much Marines!

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