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    Howdy's a pleasure to meet you.

    Thanks for contributing to this thread.
    If interested, I have some Nong Son pics scattered in the (3) pages in my "STUFF" album on my profile.

    I've seen a few of your pics somewhere else....maybe on your FB page (I don't do FB) or on Google Earth.....can't quite remember. Wonder why?
    I'm always curious to see other pics out there.

    SF Brother....

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    Very new to looking at information about military service. Just read your comment about being radio operator for Capt. Graham in Operation Union II. Many times, as an S-2 Scout, I was deployed with Fox company and was most often with the CP group (Captain, his radio operators, air controller, etc.) behind the lead platoon. Fortunately, I guess, I was not with Fox during Union II. Went out the next day with the Battalion commander and I believe portions of the other two 2/5 companies to, I suppose, to belatedly support Fox company. I always wondered who Capt. Graham took with him when he made his assault on the enemy positions. Do you know and could you relate to me any information you might have?
    I would assume and was told one of those who went with him was the Gunny. I know the Gunny made it back. Wondered about others and who they were. Honestly, always wondered if I might have been one of them if I had been there. Was with Fox during Operation Tuscaloosa, and numerous other patrols, when Captain Graham first took command of Fox and the Captain at that time was wounded that day. The radio operator, Jamison, who was one of his radio operators at that time and was killed by a mortar that wounded the captain and his other radio operator was right in front of me on that day.
    Just wondered so I thought I would ask.

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