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    I think he got scared away. Job well done.

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    I have been told to go do my homework, this is good advice and I intend to take it. Thank you all and I am sorry if I have misstepped, it was in ignorance, not malice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marine84 View Post
    I'm with Marine84. I already dropped the F bomb in 7 font this week. I'm just going to give thumbs up on other's remarks. So....

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    I'll tell ya how we learned about the Marines...We joined. Regardless of what anyone else may have said about the Marine Corps, or what we may have read, we joined. We served our country with honor and integrity, and we moved on with our lives. We do not come together in these forums as survivors of some horrendous tragedy. We come together here as brothers and sisters who dug deep and earned the title of Marine. A title which stays with you to the streets of heaven. For all of eternity. We come here to celebrate each other and the esprit de corps that we all still have. Becoming a Marine isn't something you can be told about. You have to seize the opportunity if it presents itself to you, and kick its azz. Become one of us. Otherwise, you will never understand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cpl Heglar View Post
    Ah crap I aint seen Sally 4 EVER!
    I hear that she's in a nursing home just outside San Diego ... has a rep for hitting on the male nurses, and salty old Marines ... lol, good ol' Sally

    To the OP .. If you want to join the Marine Corps, then just do it!

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    You know what they say Dave.

    " Can't fix Stupid ".


    Semper Fi,

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilbones2 View Post
    Fags have always been allowed to join. Now its just open. Any other bridges you wanna burn?
    Here's another bridge; stop being such an assshole.

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    I have put my foot quite a ways into my mouth with this thread, so all perceptions of false bravado or trolling aside, I am very interested in joining. The question it seems I should have asked was put very well by Dave a few posts back, so here it goes: Besides the obvious hardships accociated with military service, what are the detractors from joining that would not be considered by individuals who have little or no experience with the military? I am only trying to make an informed decision.

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    Fear is temporary......

    Regret is forever.....


    Regardless if you or anyone you know has any affiliation with the armed forces.....YOU and only YOU can make a decision to join or not to join.

    Each experience for each person is different.

    You need to speak to a recruiter...get informed information on what you want to do....and then either do it or bock and wish twenty years from now that you did it....

    I can't say for the other branches....but to join the Marine Corps you have put aside everything....reach down and grab those groin muscles and engage your intestinal fortitude and get some heart.....Marine Corps heart!

    Heart will get you through more than just Boot Camp. A Marine is more than a's a call to duty. One that sometimes, more often than not comes at a time when you are going to wish it didn't. Heart will relieve you from that thought and that struggle of making it through a PT session, a test, an azz chewing,a 15-25 mile hump or anything the Marine Corps or life can throw at you!

    YOU and only YOU can make the decision.......

    And eventually if you make the decision to join the Marine will have heart....Semper-Fi heart.....that will take you for the rest of you life from the grinder to the grave.....

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    Wrong question to the wrong people

    I think you should instead be asking yourself why you want to become a Marine.

    If those reasons are the right reasons then the reasons not to join won't matter.

    nuff said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pablousmc View Post
    I think you should instead be asking yourself why you want to become a Marine.

    If those reasons are the right reasons then the reasons not to join won't matter.

    nuff said.
    Outstanding reply Devil Dog. Best I have seen.

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    Well, the first drawback that most people may not think about is having to work with s***t bag Marines like the ones on this forum! (nothing but love guys)

    Seriously though, things that aren't glamorous about the Marine Corps:
    1. Friday night barracks duty
    2. formation
    3. field day
    4. field day inspections
    5. re-field day because you failed field day inspection
    6. having to stand out on a hot parade deck in the middle of summer in a color guard for a retirement ceremony of a colonel you've never met
    7. Having to be on a working party for a family day you could care less about
    8. Having to go to the rifle range at Quantico in December
    9. Having to be away from home on float for 7 months
    10. Getting back from a 7 month float and finding out you're already tapped to deploy to Afganistan in a few months
    11. Having to go through pre-deployment workups between the time you get back from float and the time you deploy to Afghanistan.
    12. Signing away "rights" like wearing sandals, getting whatever tattoo you want, and getting fat.

    Are ya scared yet? [in my Yoda voice] "You will be. You will be."

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    The biggest consideration , in my humble opinion, is that if you are happy with the person that you are right now, and wouldn't change a thing about yourself, you are not going to make it in the Marines. You have to be willing to give yourself ENTIRELY over to the Corps, so that you can be formed into a Marine. Marines are very different from civilians. Willingness aside, you must want nothing more than to earn the title of Marine. Being a Marine means sacrifice. You will sacrifice a lot of things that civilians simply take for granted, but when you have earned the title, you will FEEL it in yourself. You will hold yourself to higher standards than other servicemen/women, and you will expect more from yourself than most humans do. It is difficult to adequately explain, but you evolve in some way that civilian life does not ever offer you the opportunity to change.

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    Thank you all for the serious responses, you have given me much to take into consideration.

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    Moved to proper forum. Certainly an interesting way to start off a discussion.

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