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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave2571 View Post
    It wouldn't be enough anyway, Dan, and even if they produced the body, it still wouldn't be enough.
    You could set him in Times Square at rush hour and still, it would not be convincing enough.
    Nothing is ever enough. So here is the solution. We can believe he's dead, or we can believe he is still alive somewhere. Two choices. How's that? That satisfies everyone. LOL
    Works for me Dave, he never existed.

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    On the Today show this morning, someone was discussing that Al Zawahiri, OBL's long-serving 2nd in command, would succeed him. The guy said that Al Zawahiri was blunt-spoken and arrogant, compared to the quiet-spoken and poetic OBL.

    Great! Now we move from a poetic terror leader to an arrogant terror leader.

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    OK folks, based on a VERY good idea, I'm shutting this one down. I'm also making it a 'sticky', as it shows, in 'real time', how 'we', as a community and as a group, reacted to this historical event.

    I very much appreciate EVERYONE who took the time to share their thoughts on this.

    I will likely change the title as well.

    Sgt L

    I weep for what this country is becoming, and fear for my children and grandchildren's future if any more democrats gain national office. We lose more and more freedoms every single day to creeping nannystatism and those who vote for Democrats only want to increase that. Anyone voting for a 'dem' is someone who likely wants to take everything YOU have worked for and mortgage your kids future as well.
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