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    WASHINGTON Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden is dead and the U.S. has his body, according to U.S. and Pakistani officials.
    U.S. President Barack Obama was to make the announcement shortly that after searching in vain for bin Laden since he disappeared in Afghanistan in late 2001, the Saudi-born extremist is dead, the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
    Details of the death were sparse. A senior U.S. counterterrorism official, who spoke with the Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said bin Laden was killed in a ground operation in Pakistan, not by a Predator drone. The official said it happened last week.
    CNN and Reuters reported that the al-Qaida leader was killed in a mansion outside Islamabad, the Pakistani capital.
    It is a major accomplishment for Obama and his national security team, having fulfilled the goal once voiced by Obama's predecessor, George W. Bush, to bring to justice the mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave2571 View Post
    Spec Ops and CIA say Bin Laden shot in the head. But still waiting for our Commander-in-Chief.----not a drone strike, they're saying.

    Dan, I can't believe you're trying to scoop your own Commander-In-Chief. Probably Article 15 material.
    Not me!!! I plead and drink the 5th. If it's true so much for him living in a cave

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    NOTHING confirmed yet through official sources. However, I can tell you that most, if not all, military bases are at bravo

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    Bummy confirmed. UBL Dead. Allegedly hundreds of people in front of WH cheering....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave2571 View Post
    1135pm, confirmed by the Comm in Chief just now
    OUTSTANDING!!!!!! Don't care who or what did him in.

    Thanks Dave!!!

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    Operation launched today, Americans did the op...no Americans harmed. Firefight, killed UBL inside a compound in Pakistan.

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    I hope someone in hevll shoves a pig up UBL's arse every single day he's there.

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    He seemed robotic. Nonetheless, good riddance that UBL is toast.

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    Osama Bin Laden Dead, US Authorities Confirm
    Sunday, 01 May 2011 10:24 PM

    WASHINGTON--Osama bin Laden has been killed, a United States official said Sunday night.

    President Obama is expected to make an announcement on Sunday night, almost ten years after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

    CNN is reporting that the US is in possession of the body and that identification has been absolutely confirmed. No details of bin Laden's death have been yet released.

    US military and diplomatic installations are on a state of heightened alert and members of the Obama administration and the President have been alerting members of Congress and foreign leaders all night long.

    Bin Laden was apparently killed in a "human operation" that was based on actionable intelligence in a mansion outside of Islamabad, Pakistan, according to CNN.

    Sources told Fox News bin Laden was killed by a U.S. bomb a week ago. The U.S. had been waiting for the results of a DNA test to confirm his identity.

    The announcement comes nearly a decade after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks which started a tireless hunt for the terrorist mastermind and Al Qaeda leader.

    Challenging the might of the "infidel" United States, Osama bin Laden masterminded the deadliest militant attacks in history and then built a global network of allies to wage a "holy war" intended to outlive him.

    The man behind the suicide hijack attacks of September 11, 2001, and who U.S. officials said late on Sunday was dead, was the nemesis of former President George W. Bush, who pledged to take him "dead or alive" and whose two terms were dominated by a "war on terror" against his al Qaeda network.

    Bin Laden also assailed Bush's successor, Barack Obama, dismissing a new beginning with Muslims he offered in a 2009 speech as sowing "seeds for hatred and revenge against America."

    Widely assumed to be hiding in Pakistan -- whether in a mountain cave or a bustling city -- bin Laden was believed to be largely bereft of operational control, under threat from U.S. drone strikes and struggling with disenchantment among former supporters alienated by suicide attacks in Iraq in 2004-06.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt Leprechaun View Post
    I hope someone in hevll shoves a pig up UBL's arse every single day he's there.
    Amen Jason, amen. Looking forward to reading about this op in the future. Probably will be kept under wraps for sometime.

    God Bless America and all of our service men and women

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave2571 View Post
    Dan, Brian Williams, MSN/ABC said more people lost on 9/11 than at Pearl Harbor, which is saying something.
    Good riddance to the son of a biitch who gave the word that began 9/11
    Amen Brother, may his 77 virgins be one bunch of p$ssed off Virginians!!!!

    Led by Washington and Jefferson

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    NYC is going wild according to reports.

    Oddly enough...I feel nothing. Maybe because I have a long sense of history about things like this. I'm not UNhappy about it by any means of course.

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    Dude I'm going to be bawwing like a little f*cking girl once I get down from this high. So many dead ****ing Marines in these wars, and many more are going to die. At least we got this goat f*cker

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    I think if you read the Koran correctly, it's 77 virgin GOATS.

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    I can't help but wonder, now what? In the back of my head as I'm sure it was for many of of the other Marines that joined during this war they perhaps hoped they would be somehow involved in such an achievement. So for Marines who are deploying soon, like myself; you have to wonder, now what? I have to admit its an awkward feeling.

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