Re-enlistment bonuses going away
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    Re-enlistment bonuses going away

    Some re-enlistment bonuses going away

    By Brian Shane - Staff writer
    Posted : Sunday May 1, 2011 8:33:48 EDT
    Selective re-enlistment bonuses will dry up next month for Marines in 59 military occupational specialties, according to an April 13 Marine administrative message.

    A majority of those career fields come from the aircraft maintenance and avionics communities, 61xx through 64xx. Others losing bonus potential this year include communications (06xx), field artillery (08xx) and signals intelligence/ground electronic warfare (26xx).

    This year’s annual retention goals have been met or exceeded in these MOSs, according to MARADMIN 233/11. The Corps intends to suspend bonuses for them in mid-May.

    The Corps’ 2011 SRB budget was cut by more than half, dropping to $150 million from $327.6 million in fiscal 2010. Current re-enlistment bonus rates were announced last summer, and range from $3,750 for infantry assaultman to $48,250 for a counterintelligence specialist.

    Bonus closures are categorized based on a Marine’s length of service. Zone A applies to Marines with 17 months to six years of active Marine Corps service, of which at least 17 months was continuous service other than training. Zone B includes Marines with six to 10 years of active service, and Zone C includes Marines with 10 to 14 years of active service.

    The Reserve is not affected by these closures.

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    You are having a tough week sir. Somebody's going to get on here and give you hell for posting this info on USMC SRB's

    I like your tenacity!! Never give up (and hope next week is better)!!!

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    Sir, good work. Reed and heed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennessee Top View Post

    You are having a tough week sir. Somebody's going to get on here and give you hell for posting this info on USMC SRB's

    I like your tenacity!! Never give up (and hope next week is better)!!!
    Top ever have a two star chew your butt off because one of your charges ( in my case an Ensign) failed to carry out a lawful order? Top that's bad day that turned into a very bad week.......

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    Yeah...that'll get your attention sir.

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    This will probably mean an investigation by the NSA and NCIS but here it is, THE LIST

    MOSs in the following zones are closing for selective re-enlistment bonuses:

    ZONE A
    0231: Intelligence Specialist

    0311: Rifleman

    0451: Airborne and Air Delivery Specialist

    0612: Tactical Switching Operator

    0621: Field Radio Operator

    0651: Data Network Specialist

    0689: Information Assurance Technician

    0811: Field Artillery Cannoneer

    0842: Field Artillery Radar Operator

    0847: Artillery Meteorological Man

    0861: Fire Support Man

    1341: Engineer Equipment Mechanic

    1833: Assault Amphibious Vehicle Crewman

    2146: Main Battle Tank Repairer/Technician

    2621: Special Communications Signals Collection Operator/Analyst

    2631: Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) Intercept Operator/Analyst

    2676: European II (East) Cryptologic Linguist

    2844: Ground Communications Organizational Repairer

    2847: Telephone Systems/Personal Computer Intermediate Repairer

    3451: Financial Management Resource Analyst

    3521: Automotive Organizational Mechanic

    4821: Career Retention Specialist

    5711: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense Specialist

    5974: Tactical Data Systems Administrator

    6114: Helicopter Mechanic

    6116: Tiltrotor Mechanic

    6123: Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic, T-64

    6124: Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic, T-400/T-700

    6132: Helicopter/Tiltrotor Dynamic Components Mechanic

    6154: Helicopter Airframe Mechanic, UH/AH-1

    6156: Tiltrotor Airframe Mechanic, MV-22

    6173: Helicopter Crew Chief, CH-53

    6174: Helicopter Crew Chief, UH-1

    6213: Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic, EA-6

    6218: Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic, F-35B

    6222: Fixed-Wing Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, F-402

    6223: Fixed-Wing Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, J-52

    6312: Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Radar Systems Technician, AV-8

    6324: Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Weapon Systems Technician, U/AH-1

    6326: Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Systems Technician, V-22

    6337: Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician, F/A-18

    6423: Aviation Electronic Microminiature/Instrument and Cable Repair Technician, IMA

    6433: Aircraft Electrical/Instrument/Flight Control Systems Technician, Helicopter, IMA

    6463: Consolidated Automatic Support System (CASS) HP Configuration Operator/Maintainer/Technician, IMA

    6467: CASS Technician, IMA

    6484: CASS EW Configuration Operator/Maintainer/Technician, IMA

    6531: Aircraft Ordnance Technician

    6541: Aviation Ordnance Systems Technician

    7011: Expeditionary Airfield Systems Technician

    7212: Low Altitude Air Defense Gunner

    7051: Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Specialist

    7314: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Air Vehicle Operator

    ZONE B
    0313: LAV Crewman

    0321: Reconnaissance Man

    0844: Field Artillery Fire Control Man

    6218: Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic, F-35B

    6227: Fixed-Wing Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, F-404

    6332: Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician, AV-8

    6253: Fixed-Wing Aircraft Airframe Mechanic, EA-6

    ZONE C
    2631: Electronic Intelligence Intercept Operator/Analyst

    5821: Criminal Investigator CID Agent

    7212: Low Altitude Air Defense Gunner

    Source: Marine Corps

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    This is now a sticky.

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    This is great, once they drop the 60pt reenlistment incentive we'll be back to normal.

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    Getting rid of the carrer counsellor.....................Yes I do say that the USMC in the name of efficancy has thrown out the baby with the water. Let us now gaze in ye old crystal ball and see how this has screwed up things 5yrs from now!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey Leprechaun, You never seem to bring up the facts that for those who are multi millionaires have had increases to what they make that has doubled or tripled and they get huge tax breaks. Thereby owning most of the real property in the country and the middle class again subsidising their life styles so they can get even bigger tax breaks. 50% or all capital gains are taken by less that 1% of them and they rest for those who have enough income to be able to buy stocks unlike the vast majority that live paycheck to paycheck. And a lot of people who say things like in your post also say they should be allowed to keep everything they make. The strugglinh middle class should be allowed to keep more since they have less. It would affect a middle class family more than someone who has to find the time to go buy a new jet or yacht. But then you probably don't mind having your taxes increases so the wealthy can have an even better life.

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    And this has to do with re-enlistment bonus's...??? Epic Fail..!!!!

    Last edited by Sgt Leprechaun; 10-10-11 at 06:18 PM. Reason: Exactly. Deleted.

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    Exactly. Deleted as it has no place, or even relevance, to the article posted.

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