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    Hmmmm...well that would make some sense since it appears you've been a poolee since, what, June of 09? WTF?

    As far as the rest...

    "Agent Johnson"..you'd better CHECK YOURSELF now and avoid the Christmas rush for the next ride on the black Helo. There are a select few Marines that come in here and regulate and SHE is one of them.

    7 day extraction for being a dolt and not giving full time and attention.

    Moving on, those who cannot follow the rules will be quickly shown the door.

    Moved to 'Ask a Marine'.

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    Ahhhh.... I remember when I was a young 18 year old private and with dreams of going Recon and "winning" medals and being Rambo. Now I just want to get home in time for dinner. But I digress. The first step to becoming a recon Marine is to enlist with an infantry contract. Next, don't tap out in boot camp. If you make it, you go thru SOI. While you are a student at SOI, you will have the opportunity to take the recon indoc. Thats great if you can do 20 pullups and run 10 miles in 5 minutes. How are you in the pool? Oh...you can swim? Good for you. Can you tread water for 30 minutes in full cammies holding a rifle over your head? How about swimming the length of the pool holding a brick out of the water? Underwater swim for 50 meters? I ask about the swimming because Marines conduct AMPHIBIOUS reconaissance, hence lots and lots of pool time. Before you decide to go recon, watch "Surviving the Cut: Marine Recon" on the military channel. Those boys got straight hazed.

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