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    Imagine you were arested for everything you have ever done that the Bible teaches is a sin. God's word makes it very clear that ALL sin must be paid for with shed blood. In other words you and I are guilty!

    The Prosicuter tells the Judge, He is accused of cheating, lying, envy, lust, disrespect of others, spreading rumors, anger, jelousy, decipt, slaander. He has commited one or more of these acts repetedly through his life.

    Your Defense attourney stands up and addresses the court. HE IS GUILTY! What, you say? I thought you were here to defend me; you tell him?

    He continues,

    Your Honor, My client has done all of the above many times in his life. There is no question he is guilty as charged.

    The Prosicuter is in shock! The Jury is in shock. All know the penalty for sin is DEATH!

    The Judge begins to speak.

    Given that you admit that you have done these things on one or more ocasions in your life. The court has no alterantive but to convict you and sentence you to death! Eternal seperation from God.

    Your Defense attournes stands and says. Yes, your honor my client IS guilty ad charged and yes, he is convicted and yes, the penaalty is shed blood. However, Your Honor. I will take his punishment. I will willingly suffer and bleed and die to pay for his sins; both now and forever. While I'm at it I'll pay for the sins of ALL mankind so they may be free to worship and live for God without ther burden of sin and guilt.

    The Judge says. to your attorney:

    Only one ever created is pure enough to take on the sins of the world and pay one time for all. Only one is worthy of this imposible task. Only one was sent just for this purpose from God the father.

    Yes Son, he says to your attorney. You are my one and only son, created to be both wholly man and wholly God. Without sin and willing to pay for the sins of the world.

    I God the Father find only you, my son, the perfect lamb, spottless and pure, able to pay this price. You shall be betten and tortured beyond the capaability of any mortal man. You shall be convicted, and sentenced to die on a cross. You shall suffer not only the pain of the torture and death but also the weight of all the sins of the world.

    And so it was that Jesus your redeemer was tortured, beaten, and killed upon the cross. Just before he died he declaired in a very loud voice. IT IS FINISHED!

    The price was paid.

    Jesus was laid in a tomb for 3 days just as the Father had spoken.

    On the 3rd day he AROSE from the grave. alive once more. Completed the task and reserected to give the gift of eternasl life to all who would confess their sin nature, accept this wonderful gift he gave and follow him.

    Today; if you struggle with your shortcommings, guilt, mistakes, greed, anger cheating , lying. As the weight of all you have suffered weighs you down, take this free gift, accept his redemption and deliverence form guilt and shame. Start over just as pure in God's eyes as a new born child.

    The price has been paid! The gift has been delivered. Now pick it up!

    Father God,

    Thank you for the precious gift of salvation and redemption today and for giving me a new chance every morning to serve you and be used by you to touch this world with this Good News.

    I reject sin and accept this free gift from Jesus and now freely follow you.


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    Thank You Doug, For Another Great Sermon.may You And Your Family Have A Happy And Blessed Easter.

    Semper Fi And Godbless

    Stephen Doc Hansen Hm3 Fmf

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    Doug, thanks again brother.

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    Thank you once again Doug, very uplifting. Happy Easter to all

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    Doug once again thank you for this message,for we all know that on this day Christ arose and will reign forever more.Amen,and Amen.

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