0621 after boot camp.
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    0621 after boot camp.

    I will be leaving for boot on June 6th and will be going into the reserves. I have 0621 locked in as my MOS and will be attached to an infantry unit after I am done with all of my training.

    Now, I know everyone goes through a month of MCT before they leave for their MOS school. What I am not sure about is the extent of that combat training. Will I be at MCT for only that preliminary month of combat training that every marine goes through or do I stay a little bit longer with the grunts since I am being attached to an infantry unit?

    Before I posted this I did some research on my MOS on these forums and found similar questions but nothing that directly applied to my situation.

    In my research I read that if attached to an infantry unit you will go through all of the training that that infantry unit goes through. Since I am going into the reserves I was unsure on how that would work. Would I go through that extra infantry training when I reach my unit or during MCT?

    Thank you in advance for the info.

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    You will go to Bootcamp and SOI - MCT Battalion. You will not be going to ITB. After that, you will go to MOS school. After that, you'll be attached to the reserve station where you're from, most likely. The 'all the training that infantry goes to' is referring to the workups you would do, pre-deployment.

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    Reservists do the same exact thing until the end of mos school. You go to MCT and will do the basic combat course like everyone else like 29 days or something. Then after graduation you get then proceed to get on a plane/bus and head to gorgeous MCAGCC 29 Palms, CA. You will be in Bravo Company. You will go to class and learn the basics of every single radio system the Marine Corps has to offer. Classes will mainly consist of learning the frequency ranges, max effective ranges for comm. Loading crypto from the cyz-10 a dinosaur thats older than me. You will learn a radio check and thats honestly about it for 8 weeks. MOS school will not prepare you for the real work, hence why we have NCO's that will teach you all the knowledge you need at the unit. The training with grunts applies to the workup for a deployment. Mojave Viper going out to the field. You arent special and wont get extra training in pipeline schools. You are just another body they account for. All you need to know is if you have good leadership you will learn everything you need to know in the fleet during your workup. Any questions pm me. 0621 is very simple, so worry more about becoming a Marine.

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    Thank you gentlemen for the very informative info and advice on my future MOS. I greatly appreciate it. And tookie22, I will definitely be PM'ing you later on with some more questions. Again, thank you.

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