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    I just might have another one headed that way in about 14 years...since his big brother left, the little one is saying he is gonna be a Marine too.

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    Another son is loving it down there, LOL.

    Well...not really loving it...but making the best of it, it seems he does enjoy it more than most.

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    LOL. All you can ask for. He'll be done soon enough...and then the REAL fun begins!

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    I did 5 years in the corps and got out about a year ago. I still remember everyone of my drill instructors names, their MOS and can never forget them. Boot camp was the most amazing experience of my life.

    As i read through this forum i noticed alot of advice that sounded familiar. When they are talking about sending positive letters to your son, they mean it. Everyone of my letters i got were nothing but positive news. My mom would actually write down everything they did and even ate for dinner. It seemed kinda redundant at first but towards the end of the training it really helped me get through to the end. It made me feel like i was still at home in a way. I had the most amazing support system behind me not just in boot camp but my whole career.

    Words can not express how much that means to the Marine. Like i said earlier I have been out for almost a year and am starting to miss it. I have a good job that i love and a home we just bought, and to be honest thats the only thing holding me back from running to the recruiter again. I figured the best thing for me is to jump on this forum and help out other Marines and especially those just entering. I have a vast amount of knowledge from being in so why not pass it on and help out my brothers and sisters.

    You are doing a great job in the way you support your son, and i can guarantee he loves it. It makes it that much easier on him during this life changing time. Keep the letters going and keep up the support. Once a Marine, always a Marine. Semper Fi!!!

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    Great to see that he is keeping a positive attitude and seems to be holding in there. Tell him in your next letter that a bunch of Jarheads are pulling for him!

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    He's 1/2 way there...he says he has done real good on the rifle range, he qualifies this week I think

    The gas chamber sounds like fun too...NOT!!!!

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    Thanks for sharing a momentous time in both your lives. Keep us updated.

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    Here is his graduation prize by the comes complete with a (well worn) Milt Sparks Versa Max II holster, 3 Tripp Gen II CobraMags, 2 Wilson mags, and 4 Baer mags...and 2 Buck knife belt cases for mag carriers (they work great, I carried them for years)...he won't be able to carry it for a few years, but it is his. He has wanted it for a long may not compare to that EGA, but its the best I can do.

    Less than 3 weeks left...

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    Looks like hurricane Irene will might make landfall near Parris Island...I'm sure that place has weathered a few storms though.

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    Today was the day (according to the schedule I have) son finished The Crucible and earned the title of United States Marine.

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    Ridgerunner665, be ready to see a new son and Marine.Semper FI.

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    Welcome aboard Ridgerunner

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    He called today...he is ready to get off that island, LOL.

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    My son is starting swim week at PI. Missing him like crazy. Proud but hard to let go. He is in 2nd BT Hotel Co Plt 2089. His letters have been surprisingly positive. he keeps saying if these other guys can make it he can although they have lost a few already. Pray with me for he and his new family!

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    Will do Gus...

    We have arrived in Port Royal...I'm anxious to see my son Thursday.

    And Thank You All...for the support and help.

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