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    Quote Originally Posted by Ridgerunner665 View Post
    Will do Gus...

    We have arrived in Port Royal...I'm anxious to see my son Thursday.

    And Thank You All...for the support and help.

    Sorry I got into this late but proud for you and your son! Hope today and tomorrow are excellent as I believe they will be for you and your son. My trip is Nov. 3&4!!

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    Final tally...

    He qualified with a 332 on the range, and had 1st class PFT and CFT scores.

    The day before he qualified on the range...he shot a 346, but those are the breaks...I've been actively shooting for 25 years (F class and pistols)...and I have those off days too. (couldn't hit a bull in the arse with a 2x4, LOL)

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    Unwrapping his graduation present...

    His first reaction...a chip off the old block, LOL.

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    Him and his recruiter at the high school this morning...

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    Also...the first thing he did when we got home was bought himself an AR15 (a Sig 516)...but thats normal I reckon, after all....Every Marine is a rifleman!

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    I sure hope he makes out ok at his first duty station on his own

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    Well...I can't post many places here but my son is 1/2 way through MCT now. He called last night (1st time since going to MCT)...all is well, sounded like he was having fun.

    I won't be able to go to the MCT family day/graduation...but I think my Dad is going.

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    My son changed his MOS while at MCT...he went AAV (1833)...I searched the site, didn't find much...I would greatly appreciate all the info anybody could give me on his job.

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    Found this- Hope it helps
    The Assault Amphibian School Battalion (Building 210568) is located by the Del Mar Boat Basin, facing the Del Mar Beach in the 21 Area. The battalion is composed of two companies, Support Company and Schools Company. The battalion commander is also the 21 Area commander for Camp Del Mar, Camp Pendleton.

    The battalion is the formal school for Assault Amphibian Vehicle training in the Marine Corps. It is chartered to instruct eight formal courses of instruction. The Officer Course (MOS 1803) provides training for officers to become assault amphibian platoon commanders and is 54 training days long. The Assault Amphibian Crewman Course (MOS 1833) presents entry-level instruction in basic crewman operations of an AAV and is 46 training days long. The Assault Amphibian Intermediate Maintenance Course (MOS 2141) is a repairman skills progression course for NCOs and SNCOs. It is 63 training days long. The Basic Repairman Course is an entry-level training course, producing repairmen capable of performing 1st- and 2nd-echlon maintenance on the assault amphibian vehicle. It is 70 training days long. The Assault Amphibian Unit Leader course provides selected NCOs and Staff NCOs with advanced leadership and tactical skills necessary to become a Section Leader in an Assault Amphibian Battalion. The course is 39 training days long.

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    He's on a plane headed to Camp Pendleton, should be there in about an hour...AAV crewman is what he got.

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    Thought I'd update this a bit...

    He still at Camp Pendleton, seems to be enjoying was good seeing him over the holidays (we spent most of it deer hunting).

    I think he's gonna be just fine...

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    Our's is supposed to grad MCT this coming Tuesday. Last we heard from him was on Christmas, and while we were Skyping, they got orders to pack up. Guess they were hitting the rack early for a 02:00 wake-up for the field. Haven't heard anything since, so were going on the premise that "no news is good news".

    He went in on an open contract, so, no tellin' what his MOS will be! We're hoping to hear from him today, if not, we're driving down tomorrow to "recon" the area like we did Parris Island, just to see where what is and where to go or be.

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    Outstanding! Keep heart, and keep the faith. Reconning, if you have the time, and can afford to do so, is ALWAYS a good idea.

    Keep us in the loop by all means!

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    I've read through this whole journey and I have to say that it is extremely moving. I wish my folks could be more like some of the others. I plan on going DEP here in November (when I turn 18 and finish up my senior year in high school). I've had my recruiter come by the house, countless talks with them, all the motivational DVD's, brochures the Sarge. can supply them with but still they are hard set on NO. 100% against my decision, no if, and's or buts. Even as just a kid from a small town in North Carolina, support in any way, shape or form is welcomed. Thank you for raising and supporting the men and women that keep this county free.
    Thanks again to Ridgerunner665 For sharing your journey.

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