This funny !!
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Thread: This funny !!

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    This funny !!

    "naw come and get me"

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    steve is awesome ...he's an idiot but he's an awesome one

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    Now that there was funny, thanks for the post.

    Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers and Sisters Forever

    " In God We Trust"

    Cpl Harvey B. "Butch" Harrison Jr.
    God, Country, Corps and Family

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    I've seen it before..

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    Quote Originally Posted by gkmoz View Post
    "naw come and get me"
    Thanks Gary, that was funny

    "Don't f...up my beer man" Priorities.........

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    this one is better
    Steve's lawn mower DUI with 10 stolen shopping carts
    When your truck is in the shop, how do you transport $1000 worth of booze to your buddy Jimmy's for a party? You string together 10 shopping carts with your best 100 foot extension cord! Steve is a problem solver.

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