Hurt right before recruit training
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    Hurt right before recruit training

    I am in need of some advise, i am suppose to leave for training June 06, which means i have to go take the final ist in may, just about 4 or 5 weeks away, but i strained my hip flexon, and by the time it heals it would be time to go take the ist, and i dont know if i will be ready. ive been in the dep since july 1st, i have lost 60 lbs for this, i want it more than anything, any advise on what to do, would they let me push back my date a couple weeks?

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    If you just strained it youll be fine in a couple days. I overused my shoulder a few months ago doing crossfit. Took 3 days off and it was as good as new. Drink water and take Motrin

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    thank you, ill just stay off it until it feels better and take Motrin.

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    Stay away from caffiene until you ship. It wicks away moisture from your muscles and tendons. Water to the muscles is like oil to a car.

    By the way.... What are your IST stats?

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    my last ist, before i got hurt was
    1 1/5 run 12:00
    pull ups 7
    crunches 86
    not too bad but im improving

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