DI SSGT Jim Sloan
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    DI SSGT Jim Sloan

    Hi. My name is Kevin D. Heglar and my DI was SSgt Sloan who hated my butt in boot camp. He tried to have me recycled but Sr. SSGT Reid would not let him. He use to joke with me by calling me The Horrible Hagar and would smile at me and I would smile back allot of the times on the quarter deck while PTing.

    I was at my permanent duty station HMX-1 and SSGT Meehan was on the phone with someone and stated CPL Heglar go to the Battery Locker. I said yes sir and headded out. While leaving SSGT Meehan said Heglar get back here, Do you know SSGT Sloan? I stated yes. He said well guess who I am talking too? I said SSGT Sloan and he said yes and he is coming up to replace me as your new NCOIC. I can not begin to explain the panic attack I endured for 3 months. SSGT Sloan ran a marathon everyday. He looked like a Miniature Body builder chizled in everyway head to toe.

    When he arrived I did not speak to him. He called me at days end and said Cpl. Heglar I would like to have a conversation with you after work. We went to his car and he proceeded to tell me how much he hated me in boot camp and chewed into me. Then asked me If I drank and did I like Led Zepplin? I stated who's Led Zeppling so we went back to his apartment got hammered and was best friends from then on.

    Has anyone heard of or do you know where I might find James Sloan. He is originally from Fredricksburg Va. and is a Civil War buff. He loves looking for old civil war relics on battlefields.

    If you know him or know how he can be reached please email me KHeglar27@gmail.com

    Thanks for your time.

    Cpl. Kevin D. Heglar

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    Still have had no luck in finding my DI. If any of you young whipper snappers care to help a old timer out It sure would be preciated.


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    I am moving your Thread from " Boot Camp Stories " where you posted it to " Looking for a Leatherneck ". That is where it should be and you might get more results in finding your DI Brother.

    Semper Fi,

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    Thank-you Rocky C very much appreciated I salute you....Ooh Rah

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    Cpl Heglar I see you were at Tustin the same time I was. I started out in 87 with 374 then went to MAG-16 around 90. Worked at the Armory. Tustin has a Facebook page, you should stop by there and say hello. Lots of people from there. Anyways, here's a link to the East Coast Drill Instructors Association. If he's not listed you may be able to get in touch with another D.I. that knows how to contact him. Good luck with your search Brother. Semper Fi

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    Hi Kevin - I knew Jim. He was a heck of a guy, and a good friend of mine too.


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    I tried for 5 years to find my plt. commander from bootcamp. His name was R.O.Reed. Around the first of the year, I got a message here on L.N. from his grand-daughter and another from his daughter. They saw a link I had posted 5 years ago. He died in 07. He retired a regimental Sgt. Major.Click image for larger version

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    Update - Around 2014 gent called me here at work and asked are you the Marine looking for my dad Jim Sloan? I stated yes I am he said his name was Vaughn and was Jims son and he had past away a week ago. I was devistated, Still am actually.

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    sorry to hear about that,

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    Cpl Heglar-
    thanks for swinging thru.

    Have not seen you post since
    the chatroom closed

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