Looking for help with reenlistment question
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    Looking for help with reenlistment question

    My son is an 0311 LCPL soon to be promoted to CPL. He wll be doing his second deployment to Afghanistan in the next week or so. His 4 year enlistment will be completed in August 2012. So he will be in 3years this coming august. He has done very well and has no regrets at all about his enlistment.

    So he is conflicted about staying in or getting out in august 2012. He is being told that he needs to make a decision about reenlisting now. Basically he is being told he needs to start paper work now and have it submitted by June 2011 if he wants to continue his marine career.

    I'm skeptical and feel he is a good Marine and he would be able to wait until after this deployment (ends in November 2011) to make a decision.

    Any advice, any other parents been through this before with their son or daughter have advice?

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    Support him all the way every way. A career as a Marine is very rewarding and pays in the long run. If he loves the Corps...stay.....if he hates it, get out. You wouldn't believe the numbers of Marines who sat on the fence when reenlistment time came who regret not staying in. Their are droves of them trying to get back in now. He can serve outside of his MOS, stop deploying for a while, etc. Tell him to seek a "B" billet as a reenlistment incentive. MSG duty is a great three years of one's young life. If he's a good Marine, please encourage him to stay. Tell him to put his reenlistment package in as soon as possible, as incentives tend to dry up after the Corps gets closer to meeting it retention quota. My advice is to not wait after his next deployment. Get the approval for reenlistment as soon as possible. Just because he gets approval doesn't mean he has to commit. He will have to wait to reenlist until he under one year anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by usmcdanno View Post
    My advice is to not wait after his next deployment. Get the approval for reenlistment as soon as possible. Just because he gets approval doesn't mean he has to commit. He will have to wait to reenlist until he under one year anyway.
    Not to mention if his package is approved before or while he's deployed then he can possibly reup in country and get more money out of the deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devildog9009 View Post
    Hello. I enlisted in the corps in 2008 and shipped 2009. I spent 4 months on parris island where i contracted cellulitus in my right foot and was hospitalized. I was on bed rest for nearly month and a half. After hitting light duty i had minor back pain due to prolonged bed rest and was discharged with re-3p chronic lower back pain. It also says hamstring tightens. Its been two years now i want to re-enlist. I tried a year ago and it seemed my recruiter was messing around and didnt want me back in. He never filled out much paper work and took kept making things up. I do believe he sent my waiver request to bumeds because the CO said he didnt want me back in. Now the CO is leaving command, and i found a recruiter willing to help, what are my chances of getting granted a med. Waiver?

    How about filling out your profile so the Marines here know who they are talking to.

    RE-3P Failure to meet physical/ medical standards (includes pseudofolliculitis and weight standards).

    Recommended by CO upon removal of disqualifying factor. SRB entry required stating reason for assignment. Individual Marine must sign SRB entry. CMC authority required for reenlistment.

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    No profile...no answers. You may want to read the site rules in the poolee and Ask A Marine forums while you're at it.

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    It it pretty freakin rude of you to post this in someone else's thread. You need to either search the site for more info or start another thread.

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    back to the original post...

    As a parent myself I would suggest that he goes through all the steps to prepare to stay in. He can always change his mind later but needs to keep his options available. Currently, as we are all aware, the job market is very poor in the outside world. Most prognosticators of these things, don't see it getting any better over the next few years. My son just left last week on his first deployment and the advice I have been giving him is the same I am giving you. The outside world is a pretty fickle place right now. You have a solid career in the Corp, don't mess it up because I am not supporting you when you get out. If he doesn't mind the deployments and can handle the rigidness of the military stay with it until things change on the outside. A place to live, meals, health benefits, are hard to find out here right now for anyone who is looking for a job.



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    Concurring with the solid choice
    Start the reup process
    Civilian world if flaky right now

    Personal experience
    Hired on in 1970 with a civilian firm-helped the retired Marine grow his business
    Mustang. Started at the grunt level
    Was at the Corporate level overseeing a national compliance program

    Was called in to the office and told my job has been eliminated,here's your BOX

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    Then, GET off the phone, follow the rules, and start your own thread. These posts will be deleted as not relevant to THIS one.

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