Combat Arms vs. Combat Support
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    Combat Arms vs. Combat Support

    I was wondering what the differences in the Combat Arms and Combat Support contracts are? Ive read that Marines that enlisted under a Combat Arms contract were guaranteed infantry, arty, tanks, tracks, CE, comm, and a few other things. The Combat Support contracts I've heard talk of have also included any number of these MOS's but not infantry. Are the contracts relatively the same but one includes infantry and the other doesn't?

    Just looking for some clarification.


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    When I was in Combat Arms was Arty, Tanks and Infantry, Semper Fidelis.

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    Thank you for the input. Any other Marines who had one of these contracts and wants to post any other options that they had with it, I gladly take any info given.

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    I believe(??) it may have changed, most of the "combat support" contracts I hear about are tanks, tracks, and arty.

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    Just tell em you want AAV's.... you'll thank me later

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    I've been looking into a lot of different things. Don't think I'd mind getting AAVs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vandrel View Post
    Just tell em you want AAV's.... you'll thank me later
    I second that! Combat Support is what i chose, Artillary, Tanks, Amphibious Assault Vehicle, Obviously i got 1833, best MOS in the Corps, Of course all amtrackers are cocky.

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    I heartily agree with Vandrel and Amtracker1833. Tracs is definitely the way to go. That is, unless you have a deep love for Apricots!! By the way, read my signatur, it says it all.

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    Apricots = Satan

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    I don't eat apricots as it is. If I were in tracs it'd give me more reason than just disliking them. And I am always glad when I don't have to walk places...

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    "Why pack it when you can track it"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vandrel View Post
    "Why pack it when you can track it"
    We do get lazy often, instead of walking, we will just drive a jp8 eating monster to our destination even if it is only 100 yard away

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    Makes for a great mobile home, no greater vehicle to be a crew on during inclimate weather.

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    And if you believe the grunts, and who would doubt those great guys, every trac has it's own bar and refrigerator!!!!! LOL.
    In retrospect, my trac always did seem to have a problem with the (beer cooling) fire extinquishers.

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