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    zap code

    what does it consist of?

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    It is diffferent from unit to unit. Ive seen one that is the first initial, last initial, last 4, blood type. I.E... JA1111O+

    Another common one in infantry units is the begining letter of the company your in, initial of last name, and last 4. I.E.... HA1111 (H being for H&S Co) or EA1111 (E for Echo Co)

    Hope that helps..

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    Duff is right, in Afghan we used first initial, last initial, last 4, blood

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    Your profile states that you have been in since 2008, you are an E-1, and you don't know what a zap code is. Please clarify who you are and fill out your profile more in depth. As of right now I am raising the red flag on your ass.

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