Question About A Medical Waiver
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    Question About A Medical Waiver

    Good Evening Marines, I have a quesition which is obviously why I am here. I've been planning on Enlisting into the Marine Corps for roughly a Year and a Half. I can't attempt to enlist until November 9th, 2011 due to medication I was on for Anxiety (Yes I have read all threads about Medical Wavers but this is a little different of a situation. Also it is Only Anxiety, Not Depression). My Recruiter told that I must wait a year since being off of them (which I currently am hence the November 9th Date). I have been attending Warrior Trainings (PT on Tuesdays) for over a year religiously and Poolee Functions (Every second Saturday of the Month) for roughly 6 months. Now, my question is, I have read that I am Disqualified due to the Anxiety so I will need a waiver (keep in mind that I have documents from my Doctor saying that I am now off of the Medication and I am stable and have that I have only ever had 1 anxiety attack (Basically my mother over reacted.. thanks Mom =P )). However, I know that the Marine Corps has better candidates than myself Enlisting, I've talked to my Recruiter and He says that I will be fine as of November 9th as long as I am off for a year I should have no problem getting in, but everything I've ever read disagrees with that. Are any Marines aware of something that I am not which would lead him to believe that I will be okay. I am in decent Physical Shape and have only gotten better which my Recruiter has been able to witness from day 1 as well as I am decently intelligent (I can't remember the test that Recruiters give before you go to MEPS but I scored an 84 which enabled me for almost if not all MOS's). Does he have any pull? Will his word allow me to recieve a Medical Waiver? I'm just confused about the whole situation. I'm sorry if my question was confusing in any way, I'd be more than happy to re-state it if need be.

    Thank You for any and all answers.

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    I'm not trying to be "that kid" that brings up their post I'm just curious as to what Marines or Poolees think. Deepest apologies if this gets on anybodies nerves.

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