Waiting to hear back from recruiter and wondering how hard to push
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    Waiting to hear back from recruiter and wondering how hard to push

    So at the beginning of this year I got in touch with a recruiter and reapplied. Filled out my forms and provided good-to-go letters from doctors for a colon resection when I was 2 years old (even had a recent colonoscopy to prove that I was physically okay and got a letter of recommendation from the doc) and letters of recommendation from some docs for a bout of depression from a few years ago (was on meds, been off for over 2 years now). My recruiter had taken all of my info about a month ago and said he would get back to me when he heard from the docs (I assume at MEPS). I have not heard from him and have called a couple times to see what was up. He keeps telling me he's heard nothing.

    Is this a test? Should I press harder? Does it really take MEPS months to say yes or no to a case? I don't want to **** him off by being a bug in his ass but I also don't want him to think I'm noncommitted. Any advice on how to handle this and what to do would be appreciated.


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    Any recruiters or anyone with intimate knowledge of MEPS with any advice?

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    It takes a long time, in the mean time contact your alternate service i.e. Army, you may have a better chance, use your time wisely!

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    The decision has nothing really to do with MEPS itself, but rather BUMED. That is where they have to send all of the paperwork that you have submitted. I am just assuming he put BUMED waviers in for you, as this is what I would have done with the info that you have stated. The Dr's go over everything and they try and determine if anything in your past will come back to haunt you once in and to make sure you are all good. I have heard BUMED's that took up to 8 months to get through. Keep in contact with the recruiter, but also realize everything is out of his hands and rest in the hands of Dr's who will make the call. Good luck.

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    Thank you, Supersquishy and SilentWarrior17, I had no idea MEPS didn't handle this part of it and that it could take months to process these requests/cases. I'm fully willing to be as patient as I need to be, I just don't want my recruiter disregarding or forgetting me in the meantime. If anyone knows of anything I can do in the interval, I'm all eyes (GFist provided an excellent suggestion, thank you to him/her as well).

    Thank you again,

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    A month is merely a blip when it comes to stuff like this. Average time is six months and/or longer, depending on the complexity of your case.

    I'd say keep in personal contact with the recruiter, drop by the office from time to time (once a week wouldn't be excessive) and let it run it's course.

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    Awesome, thank you, SGT! I don't really have a rapport with my recruiter and so as not to waste his time, what do you guys suggest I say whenever I call or drop by? Are there any topics I should be bringing up?

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    "What do you MARINES suggest..." would be the proper wording.... *ahem*.

    I would merely stop in, show your face, ask how things are going, if they have heard anything, and if there is anything else you should be doing or working on, things like that.

    No other particular topics, just be natural, relaxed, and respectful...and have patience...you are going to need it....

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    Good Afternoon Sgt Smith. How is it going with my enlistment? Is there anything else I can do or there any additional paper work needed on my end? I have been pting and studying my knowlege. When should I next call to check on my status?

    Do not complain, make excuses or tell sob stories... just the few questions above should be quite enough.

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    Great, thank you, Marines. That was my approach exactly when I'd called in the past. He had always told me that there was nothing more and that he would call me when he heard something so I wasn't sure if there was something I was missing in the way of questions. A fellow forumer had suggested I inquire about joining their poolee PT sessions, but I'm not sure if that would be overstepping my bounds since he never offered (I mean, technically I'm not even a poolee yet but it seems like the kind of thing that potential recruits might be allowed in on as well).

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