USMC Linguist jobs
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    USMC Linguist jobs

    Hello all,

    I'm not certain if this is the right place to post this, so my apologies if it isn't.

    Anyways, I recently took the DLAB (last Tuesday to be exact) and scored a 121. I'm very interested in joining the USMC and was wondering if anyone on here who is currently or was a linguist could shed some light on just some basics. DLI, TSC, any school after that, duty stations, etc.

    What I'm also really concerned with is getting the job on my contract before I enlist. Will the MOS I want be guaranteed on my contract? Or will I only have some "wish list" and get whatever job the Corps wants me to have?

    Now getting even more specific: say that I do get the MOS guaranteed on my contract, what will be my say in the language I learn? I'm pretty certain that it'd be chosen based on the need of the service. Which I'm assuming is a language of the Middle East. I just want to hear it from someone with some actual background in the subject.

    Thanks in advance to any replies.

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    Try doing a search on the site as this topic has been covered before.

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    I'm currently a linguist at DLI. If it says on your contract that you will be a linguist, then you will definitely be a linguist, unless you get into some trouble. They can't just change a contract. When you get here, you will fill out a paper with a wish list for whatever language you desire. I'm not saying they don't look at it at all, but you most likely won't get the language of your choice. They give you a language depending on the needs of the Corps. As of right now, a majority of the new people are NOT getting a middle eastern language, so I wouldn't get my hopes up on that. If you have any questions about DLI, just hit me up.

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    When it comes to enlisting you, just like every other guy/girl, will put forth your pick of three enlistment codes, one of which you hope to get. Say you put down the linguist option as your first choice and that was selected for you, then you would be guaranteed a 267X MOS.

    When it comes to language choice, bball is right and would be the best source of information on DLI-related matters.

    Don't worry yourself with the particulars of the MOS until you sign a contract guaranteeing you the MOS. And even with that contract it's difficult to answer questions because things differ so much depending on language and situation. If you are guaranteed linguist, you will go to bootcamp, MCT, then to DLI, and finally will complete some schooling in Texas before heading to your first duty station.

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