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    All of the songs in my PT playlist are either 180+ BPM, and/or about the Marines. Hella MOTO

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    All of you need to look up Hard Corps on youtube.

    Very Moto.

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    I took a bunch of Marine running cadences off of YouTube and put them on my iPod. It's a huge adrenaline booster.

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    I have th cadence app but I have to use my pandora music player......ill be tired and slowing down the I get a song I like and speed it back up

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    Lamb of god and korn all the way. But not the new lamb of god album. I have no idea what happened there.

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    Black Sabbath
    Ozzy Osbourne
    Alice in Chains
    Iron Maiden
    Judas Priest
    Black Label Society

    Most old school metal bands.

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