Getting married before bootcamp
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    Getting married before bootcamp

    I'm getting married before I leave to bootcamp in may and was wondering if my wife will be getting any kind of financial assistance like separation pay, bah, or any benefits? Also I was wondering if I would be able to do a joint bank account with her so she could have access to the money I'll be making in boot, even though I know it's not going to be a lot.

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    This is not a good idea young man. As a private after graduation, its really hard to do if you plan on eating love for weeks on end. The money you will be receiving will not take care of you and a wife. You will be much better off if you wait until you are at the very minimum a Sgt.

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    You should seriously reconsider that! Financial stress is the number one reason for marital problems and divorce, followed by communication. Both of which you will have very little your first year.
    It's best to wait a couple years, get some rank and more pay.

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    I also agree, you are a young man and the pressures of the relationship during your time away from home may be to much for quite a few young marriages to with stand, I have a Great nephew, married his sweetheart just fresh out of boot, well a yr later, they are devorced and the stress really effected him badly. Jodie is around every corner, another young Marine I know got a dear john letter while stationed at Camp Leatherneck, while out on patrol, he was driving and hit a IED, was told that his mind was not with him but on the girl back home. Buy hey, your story tell it like you want.
    Best of luck.

    Semper Fi

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    You are better off waiting like the Gunny said, Semper Fidelis.

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    I would say wait too but I know you're young and "in love". I didn't listen to my superiors either and I was a Sgt (and STILL broke on payday). My marriage lasted till my first deployment (12 months long) and she got a visit from Jody about the halfway point. Naturally, you refuse to believe anything like this will ever happen to you because she loves you. Nobody gets married thinking they'll get divorced but it happens every day; more so in the military for obvious reasons.

    Most people at least wait till they finish bootcamp. What's the big rush anyway? Got one in the oven?

    Since you won't listen to us old salts who have been least wait to start a family (if it's not too late). It's common for young families on active duty with children to be on food stamps. Why put that kind of pressure on yourself?

    Can't answer your question about the extra pay but hopefully somebody else can.

    Good luck. You are about to enter the adult world big's time to start making adult decisions about your future.

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    Have you already DEP'd?

    Did you tell your recruiter that your getting married? The recruiter will have to redo all your paperwork because now you are enlisting with a dependent. So no...with your current contract you will not receive any extra pay because you enlisted as a single man.

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    DON'T DO IT...Wait till you're in about 1 year or 2 and have some rank......

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecfree View Post
    DON'T DO IT...Wait till you're in about 1 year or 2 and have some rank......

    And no matter what "they" say, two cannot live as cheaply as one. Especially if number 3 is on the way

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    Kinda sounds like you are more in it for the extra Money. I'm married with a kid on the way and believe me when the money gets tight it causes stress as a man trying to provide for his family and I got married for the right reasons not because of a percived financal benifit that doesnt exist. Take into account that while The Marine Corps gives you 300 a month for food that doesnt increase when you get married and food is expensive. I was 27 and my wife was 25 when I got married and personally I think that makes a huge differance. I see way too many 18 year old boots get sucked dry because they got married for the wrong reasons and they are both immature.

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    Let's see...when I started boot camp, I made $115.20 a month and now they are making $1357.00 so my yearly salary was just about what you will make in a month. Everything was cheaper in 69 and I think my money went further than your cash will in 2011.

    Everyone above has given you good advice and I REALLY suggest you take it. Get through boot, MOS school and at least get to E-3 prior to getting married. The stress of the military on a young couple is a b! be is a b!tch no matter how long you have been married!!!

    Your recruiter will want to know ASAP if you decide to get married before boot...and your paperwork WILL be changed. It could possibly move your ship date back as well.

    Good luck.

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    In the hopes that repetition will convince you: the gentlemen above are absolutely correct. Do not get married before you ship. Don't get married on your boot leave either. Don't get married when you get to your MOS school, don't get married when you get to your first duty station. If it's meant to be she'll wait until you're at least most of the way done with your first tour.

    If you knocked her up then it might be time to reconsider the options you have.

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    Since he hasn't been back in six days maybe they eloped.

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