0311 Reserve Units
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    0311 Reserve Units

    I have been looking into the USMC Reserves and can't seem to find out where any Infantry Reserve Units are located. I'm in Georgia and I know there is a Recon unit here but no Infantry. I have done some looking around on the USMC Unit's list but I can not decipher where any Infantry Reserve units are. My recruiter told me the only one in/around Georgia is in North Carolina. He wouldn't give me a name and I didn't question him. I'm not supposed to see him until next week and am trying to find out a little more information before then. Can someone point me the right way please? Also, Thanks for your service, I honestly mean that.

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    Det 2, Supply Co, 4th Supply Bn.
    Phone: 229-639-5475
    MCLB, 814 Radford Blvd., Ste 20338
    MCLB Albany, GA 31704
    Det 2, Motor T Maint Co, 4th Maint Bn.
    Phone: 706-736-1401
    2869 Central Ave.
    Augusta, GA 30909
    Forest Park
    Intel Production Team 3, Co. C, ISB (JRIC)
    SE ARITC, FT Gillem
    Phone: 404-469-5064
    1407 Hood Ave.
    Forest Park, GA 30297
    HQ, 4th Dental Bn.
    H&S Co.(-), H&S Bn., 4th MLG
    Phone: 678-655-4367/6368
    24th Dental Co., 4th Dental Bn.
    Phone: 678-655-5044
    1210 Naval Forces Ct.
    Marrietta, GA 30069
    HQ, MAG-42
    Phone: 678-655-5044
    VMFA-142, MAG-42
    Phone: 678-655-6364
    HMLA-773(-), MAG-42
    Phone: 678-655-6278
    MALS-42, MAG-42
    Phone: 678-655-6571
    1000 Halsey Ave., NAS Atlanta
    Marrietta, GA 30060
    Det. 1, Ammo Co., 4th Supply Bn.
    Phone: 706-234-0406/1030/4497
    1 Shorter Ave.
    Rome, GA 30165
    2nd BTO Co. B(-), 4th LSB
    Phone: 912-351-0242
    62 Leonard-Neal St., Bldg. 1281
    Hunter Army Airfield
    Savannah, GA 31409
    Co. B, 4th Recon Bn.
    Phone: 678-655-7227 ext. 1006
    Det. Personnel Retrieval and
    Processing Co.
    Phone: 678-655-5581 1880 Roswell St.
    Smyrna, GA 30080

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    A 10 second Google Search

    Marine Forces Reserve (MARFORRES) website: http://www.usmc.mil/unit/marforres/Units/index.aspx

    You can sort by state to make it easier. You'll be looking for units that are part of the 4th Marine Division (4thMARDIV).

    Specifically, for Marine Reserve Infantry Regiments:

    23rd Marines: http://www.usmc.mil/unit/marforres/4...s/default.aspx

    24th Marines: http://www.usmc.mil/unit/marforres/4.../HomePage.aspx

    25th Marines: http://www.usmc.mil/UNIT/MARFORRES/4...s/default.aspx

    For each of these, look on the left hand menu under "Units" and that will give you the rifle companies, which is what you sound like you are looking for.

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    Thank you very much. Yall have helped alot. I am having a problem though. I looked through those links, the only Unit I can find in North Carolina under the Ground Combat Element is 4th Tank Battalion. I was under the impression that I would be going to an Infantry Unit there.

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    Perhaps your recruiter was referring to Company B, 4th Recon Battalion in Smyrna

    Not sure of your drive, but there are reserve rifle companies in Tennessee

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