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    MOS School rules

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this so here goes......My boyfriend just finished MCT in California and is going to MOS school in Florida. Does anyone know what the rules are for what they can receive via mail (food, clothes, etc.)?

    Does anyone know what the rules are for liberty time of the weekends? I'm going down to visit him and was wondering if anyone knew from past experiences if he might be able to get liberty over night.

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    I'm guessing he's going to Pensacola? If so, food and clothes are acceptable but I'd warn you that he's probably going to have to open the package infront of the Duty NCO(s) of his barracks so I wouldn't suggest sending anything you wouldn't want seen by strangers.

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    Yeah hes going to Pensacola.......anyone know what the rules are for him leaving the base? I'm going down March 17 (St. Patties day) and wasn't sure if he would be able to get off base overnight.

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    As someone else said do you think a simple phone call would help?

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    He just got there this morning and doesnt have the answers yet so I'm just trying to get feedback from the experiences of others so I can make some attempt at getting things planed since he's there and I'm in Ohio. I have a job so the more information I can get from others the more helpful it is to plan things out (vacation time request, cost, flights, etc.)
    Plus I dont want to bug him with a million questions if I can find the answers myself, he has enough to deal with

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    When I was in Pensacola in 2006, the liberty policy was if you are off work, you are on liberty. I believe they instated a cinderella curfew (midnight) soon after I left, not sure if it has ever been lifted. He may be able to request special liberty to stay off base during the weekends, but that is probably after he has established a good reputation with his troop handlers or SNCO that he isn't just a crazy kid trying to get wasted and start fights all night.

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    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to call him, I meant to call his unit, they have the info right there, someone will answer the phone in the office and they can give you the scoop right now, unless someone on here is in the same unit in Pensacola. Their info may be right or it may be dated, but the unit info from the person answering the phone will be the best most up to date info

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    Insist on talking to the base commander, that way they will know that your boyfriend is coming right away and will be waiting for him. (Just kidding by the way)! haha

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    haha yeah I know that would definately get his butt kicked if I did that
    How do I find the number for his unit?

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    what unit is he with?

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    I was in A School there in 2008 and the Marines didn't have overnight Liberty then but the policy may have changed by now. It may take him a couple weeks/months to progress through the Liberty Phases but he should be able to give you all that information after he does the Command Indoc class everyone goes through.

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    How do you find out the number for his unit? You call the main base and when they answer you say hello, may I have the number of this unit, and name the unit, and they will give you the number, then you can call it and whoever answers the phone can give you all the details you want and need.

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    If you think your bf has enough to deal with being one of the new guys that arrived at Pensacola just wait til someone figures out his gf is already calling for details so she can make plans for a visit. He'll be really popular...geesh. Give the guy a break and let him get some information and settled a little bit. He'll be the one with the answers and then you'll get them. He's in FL for MOS not a vacation! Might be best for him if he was able to focus on that fact.

    They go through Liberty phases at Pensy and it takes a while for the newbies to earn off base liberty.

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    I was hoping that the OP would know that she would not have to name names, just ask policy, not tell them her boyfriend's name.
    I think that could have been done in a two minute period, days ago, it's so simple.

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