Reserve Contract to AD Contract w/ same ship date?
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    Reserve Contract to AD Contract w/ same ship date?

    Hello, Marines.

    I am sure this question is asked every week on this forum, but my situation is a little different from what I've read around on the internet. Back in October of 2010 I contracted as a Reservist, scheduled to ship with my best friend on June 13th, 2011. I've done enough research and have come to a self-realization that the Reserve component may not be for me. I am fully aware that I CAN switch from Reserve to AD contract, especially as a poolee, but is it possible to keep my ship date so I will be able to continue the buddy system with my friend because my recruiter said my spot is reserved for a reserve contracted poolee. It's not the end of the world if it isn't, but I definitely would like to go through it with him. Thank you for your time.

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    The best person to ask this question to is your recruiter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoftballCatch23 View Post
    The best person to ask this question to is your recruiter.
    Thank you for your quick reply SoftballCatch23. My question to you is how can I be sure that he may not be telling me the whole truth? I sort of came here hoping I could get more feedback from other Marines, especially those with Recruiting experience. Thank you for your service SoftballCatch23!

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    Recruiters are the ones with the most up-to-date info on what you're asking.
    Most of the Marines on this site aren't recruiters, but there's a recruiter or 2 that have been frequenting this site, so hopefully they'll come across this topic and help you out.

    Also, if you really want active duty, go for it now. Going from reserves to active is a very long process that can take up to a year. So...if active duty is what you want, then go for it!
    Do a search on the site...reserves to active duty. It's been covered before.

    Good luck to you!

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    I understand, thank you. I just would really like to go through the buddy system and come back on leave at the same time. If I could just get Active-Duty contract and leave at my original ship date with my friend, everything would be perfect, but I understand I may be dealt a crappy hand. Once again, thank you for your response and God bless!

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    You can still keep your ship date. Your recruiter needs a reservist to ship that month. Doesn't have to be you. It is harder to fill reserve shipping holes than active duty which is why he is telling you that, All you have to do is a componant change. It takes one day at Meps, which is an inspect physical and changing the DD form 1966. My Credentials: Retired Gunny (July 2010), MOS 8412(Career Recruiter) my last 9 1/2 years.

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    That's the problem though, the active-duty slot is already taken by my friend.

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    Can anyone answer my question? It is still up in the air for debate. I really would like to know. Thank you!

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