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    They usually let you get unlimited vegetables. But ya, 1 starch.

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    MCRD SD 1968, march into chow hall, trays held midhigh, eyes straight forward, lips buttoned, recieve the food, READY SEAT EAT, maybe ya got 1 minute worth in your pie holes before you heard ATTENTION Trays ladies LEFT FACE forward march. You shoveled in as much as you possible , and how many remember salt peter??


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    Quote Originally Posted by leprechaun9544 View Post
    OK, all these posts have served up a lot of memories for this Ol Marine Cook ! During my time in the messhall (1962-65) I recall we served up some darned fine chow 99% of the time....steaks, chops, soups, multiple salads and baked goods. I know for a fact that we NEVER served powdered eggs, or powdered was always fresh, even when we were cooking out in the field. Back then, we took a lot of pride in what we put out on the chowline. I do recall one instance when some boot 2nd Lt. was OD, and as was the custom, he came in and wrote his comments on the days worksheet, regarding the meal. He wrote "Unfit for human consumption" ! Well, our Mess Sgt. read that, and went ballistic....tracked down the Lt., and insisted he change the comments, and apologize to the cooks....which he did !
    We always knew when the troops were happy, because they were *****in' about the chow. When we hit Okinawa during our 13 month FMF Far East tour, all we heard was..."Why can't we have chow as good as we had at Pendleton ?"...and then when we got back to Pendleton it was...."Why can't we have chow as good as we had in Okinawa ?"
    If the Marine messhalls are now being run by civilians, its a can't get any better that a good 'ol Marine Cook. Speaking for myself, I was very proud to be a Marine Cook, and I still enjoy cooking today....almost 50 years later, and I thank the Marine Corps for teaching how to cook.
    Would love to get my hands on an original set of Marine Corps Messhall Recipe Cards for the 1960's....we had some great recipes. And, if there any other Marine Cooks out there, would love to hear from you !
    OK, putting down my spatula, and shutting up now....Semper Fi Marines !

    Complaining was Natural, BUT to tell the truth ??? The most expensive meal the Corps put out, from what the MessCooks said , was HORSECOCK on Thursday ,, and Ironicaly, that was my least favorite.

    You guys were Allright in my book. And a hellofalot better than most of the Civilian Fare i've eaten since my discharge.!!!!!
    SemperFidelis MarineCorps COOKS, and thanks for a job well done.

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    LOL me and Vietvet got the same treatment, except if we did not CLEAN our plates, the third world war broke out from our DIs.

    Get what you want? Your kidding I hope !!!

    We got what them dam drunk cooks cooked and most times it was either uncooked or burned to pieces.

    **** powered eggs were the norm, and dick eaasement was the salt and pepper part of it. Steaks ? porkchops? I think you are meaning balona and fake cheese my friend, or we sure werent in Pendleton together.

    And the sorry azz Navy served better SOS than any cook in the Marines.

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    Who the fu*k said we were talking about boot camp? You do realize that boot amp is a tiny part of what you actually do in the Marine Corps?

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    Thank you for the information to those of you understood the question I had.

    About boot camp chow, I've been out of boot camp for a while now. I really don't remember it too much. After 2 deployments, thats the last thing on my mind. I never talked about boot camp. Clearly I didn't get what I wanted there. Also, I'm not complaining about the chow hall. I'm one of the few people who actually eat all three of my meals there. I'm only asking for peoples opinion on what they think with the fact you can't get whats being served on the line. In todays Marine Corps, in the fleet, we don't hold our trays out in front of us and scream at everything. We leave the screaming and craziness on the battlefield where it belongs.

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    When I was stationed at Quantico we had a snow storm that shut half the state down for a whole week. There was a Corporal that worked in the mess hall that not only snow blowed the sidewalk so you could make it to chow but also ensured that 3 meals a day were served there. The first couple of days we didn't even have electricity. Rain or shine we were fed and thank-ful for it.

    When those vac cans come off the helicoptor you don't give a chit what's in them. You are thank ful for hot chow.

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    Ate in a lot of messhalls during my career. Never had a bad meal that I can remember. Breakfast was always outstanding. Also don't remember leaving hungry. We normally left breakfast with some sort of fresh fruit like an apple, banana, or orange in our pocket. At Camp LeJeune, we usually left lunch and dinner with an ice cream cone. Holiday meals were always extravagant.

    The best messhall I remember was at Henderson Hall in Arlington, VA. HQMC is right across the street and the Pentagon is just down the road so you never know when the Commandant or the SgtMaj of the USMC might walk in. Besides the great chow, there were always nice decorations set out around the dining facility. I remember it won lots of small dining facility awards.

    There was another thing I noticed about Henderson Hall while I was there for MSG School back in 1974. That's where they sent the majority of the good-looking Women Marines. Guess they worked at HQMC or the Pentagon too. Never saw so many good-looking WM's in one place before or since.

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    Damn, I need orders to HQMC apparently!

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    I always liked all the Marine Corps chow halls I ate at. Best ever was on Kinser, in Okinawa 06-07. It just seemed to be LCpl ran, with the NCOs in the back, out of sight. Plus they seemed to have more Marine cooks and servers and they always hooked you up. Then I went to foster and they had too many rules, SNCOs cared too much and blah blah blah. Kinser was the best I always though. Quantico was ok...

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    Chow Hall Food


    Always been tough to admit when I'm wrong.After reading all the post several times, it finally sinks in Chow Hall Food is about "Base" Food which was alway fabulous. It is my miscomprehension of things that led me to this misunderstanding. Will try doing better with my comprehension of things in the future. Thanks for setting me straight BROTHER.

    Roger Dale Stewart

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKA HITMAN View Post
    My memory has faded over the years....SOS was the meal I craved, don't know why...prolly something to do with a hangover. Cured it every time.
    I could eat SOS everyday, Semper Fidelis.

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    I thought the army got fed the best, sure seemed that way on the Rock, Semper Fidelis.

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    From my experience the smaller the base the better the food.
    My last base, a Reserve detachment,most food was cooked to order.
    But nothing compared to when I had a stop over at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma.
    I thought I had died and went to the Culinary Institute of America.
    Those fly boys had it good.

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    Since when did civilians start cooking/serving chow in the Marines??

    My experience is lots of good food. While stationed at Quantico, I did
    the 30 day mess duty in the officer chow hall. I was the GI man..LOL
    we used to stash beer back there for everyone never got as
    drunk on duty as being the GI man. We used to get up around 0400
    drink a six pack after lunch..go to lunga resivoir for
    a 12 dinner then another 12-18 beers before getting up at
    0400 to do it again. Funny as **** now..this went on for 30 days.

    Noticed the officers were fed better than us enlisted...but our chow was
    good enough for me and plentiful.

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