VEERP question, need help asap!
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    VEERP question, need help asap!

    Hey all, I'm currently in a bind down here at Lejeune. Last October the Marine Corps issued out the order for VEERPs for the EASers of 2011. (If you don't know what that is, it's the 90 day early out program, not for college, but just to get out.) A few of us here in 3/8's RBE have applied for it, but we had to wait until we were off of limited duty to do so. Now they're saying that the paperwork is being denied and that we're being put on Combat Replacement lists.

    Now this doesn't make much sense to me since all of us are either medically incapable of going to combat, or getting out in less then 6 months even with our original EAS. We've talked to the Major who has the last approval in Quantico and he says that they HAVE to send it up the chain, they can't just deny it at this level.

    We've been trying to get in contact with the Captain in 6th Reg who supposedly is the one who is saying they're getting denied, but we've had no luck in catching him at his office and one of my Marines said when he did see him that nothing came out of it.

    I hope someone can help, or atleast jus give some advice because to me, this looks like its some dirty decisions by an individual. As far as I know, this paper work is supposed to go up to Quantico no matter what and cannot be denied until that stage, it can only receive "No" as a recommendation.

    Thanks for listening.

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    If you think someone is stopping the flow of paperwork, request mast by talking to the OIC, if that person is the OIC, request mast by speaking to their superior. Tread carefully though, try not to burn bridges. It could be just a misunderstanding, and that person might think your talking about something else.

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    Here's the thing though, that Captain who has our paperwork right now sent out an email saying that all 3/8 Marines are not allowed to do the VEERP program. The Major in Quantico says that is false though, so maybe requesting mast is a good idea.

    First though, I'm going to try and talk to this Captain. Our big question is, has he sent the paperwork, is he still holding it for some reason, or has he just thrown it away. That last two options would result in him doing what I would think is illegal, but who knows.

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