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    Question MOS 0651 Questions

    My fiance is at MCT at Camp Pendleton right now, but in two weeks he'll be going to Twentynine Palms for his MOS training. His MOS is 0651 Data Systems Analysis (or is it Specialist? having a mind block right now...)

    I was wondering, how long is this school? We wanted to plan the wedding for after he finished training, but can't find anywhere how long the schooling is supposed to be. He said in the last year the length was changed, because MOS 0651 was combined with another MOS but he didn't know how long it made his training. I was hoping somebody could answer this question for me?

    Please and thank you!

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    Moved to the correct forum....

    Please complete the profile for us.... You are NOT a "Marine Spouse" yet. I've changed your moniker to 'friend'.

    All minor glitches, no worries. Welcome aboard.

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    Oh, wooops :P Thanks

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    No worries. Someone with some current Intel will no doubt answer the question you asked in the next day or so I'm sure

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    Well i can help ya with this one.
    Im an 0651 taking class right now. The training is 4 Months but there is complications. He will have to wait to pick up classes. And its seriously packed right now. If he's a reservist he will get pick up priority but if not its completely random If he gets here in two weeks the next pick up date i believe is in late febuary and there is also one in march. But he will have to let you know when are going to pick him up before you find a date for the wedding. Goodluck and Congratulations.

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    Thanks so much!

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    From someone who has been through the school in its entirety. It is almost exactly 3.5 months, so Mwhite is pretty close there. It was in fact changed to include the 0656 field, as we now set up and maintain, instead of just doing one of the two.

    As far as being picked up into a class, it works like this. If you are a reservist (and also if you are married to my knowledge), you are bumped to the top of the list. After that they will take from the list of people who have already been waiting. If you happen to be so lucky, and the class is picking up from those just getting out of SRC (student reception, where you will spend the first week you are here) they take people alphabetically from the SRC roster.

    Once he does pick up into a class, he would do best to pay attention and ask questions. Many a student underestimates the material, and with the speed that it is thrown at you it doesn't take long to get dropped (seen it happen plenty while I was there).

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    Thanks! That was very informative

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    Can't get much better than that. Closed as 'answered'.

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