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    How goes it Bro? the only time that I got near Barbers Point was when I requaled on Rifle and Pistol at the range down the road from the point. Is that where you were?
    Semper Fi

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    Yes, That's where I was. We had a secured area out there that handled hot stuff. Guard towers and double wire. The whole time I was there I acted as Sgt of the guard. Great duty. I lived on the base with the family. Long time ago, in fact after Vietnam

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    I'm looking for anyone who was in Plt 349 1961 with DIs Sponnanberg,Dvorak and Sr DI Freestone..

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    John Monaghan, Marine Barracks Phila. Brig Section 1963/64 many of the guys in guard company were there from boot camp, I transferred in from the FMF. 18mos. in the brig section was enough for me. I got out June '64.

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    Semper Fi! Corporalpizza. You we lucky working split time at the brig, I was assigned there in Jan. 1963 when it was still a red line brig under the old brig regs and served in that out house until my discharge in June '64. I can still hear prisoners screaming all day long from all over the building, "Sir, one prisoner requests permission to cross one red line, Sir!"

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    Marine Corps Barracks Naval Weapons Station Concord, California 1969-1970.

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    Marine Barracks Groton Connecticut, 1976

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    Marine Barracks Fort Meade Maryland. 1975-1978

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    Pearl Harbor? If so contact me on fb, email, phone: we have reunion information

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    I was at Westloch from 82-85. Get a hold of me for reunion information.

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    Marine Barracks NAD Waikele 1978-1979

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    I was there from 75 to closure in 77. Stayed there after closure works Prisoner Escort until discharge.

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    Marine Barracks Adak, AK 87-89. In 88 it was changed to MCSFCo Adak. Also served at MCSFCo Bangor Washington 95-98.

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