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Thread: Barracks duty

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    Marine Barracks NAS Whidbey Island. 69 - 70.

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    Marine Barracks Subic Bay "B" co. Starboard sec. 1st plt. 85

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    Quote Originally Posted by gungygreen View Post
    Marine Barracks, Adak AK 1984-1985
    Went to Adak from 29 Palms Bravo Co. 1/4. The stumps was 100 + degrees everyday in the summer and out of 13 months at Adak, we had 1 day that it hit 70 degrees even.

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    Marine Barracks, NAS Sigonella Sicily 85 - 87

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    Marine Barracks GITMO(fence line duty) 82-83

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    marine barracks nws yorktown va 1990-1992 1st plt

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    Quote Originally Posted by ggyoung View Post
    Looking for all Marines who have had Marine Barracks duty. What barracks where you at and when. I was at Marine Barracks Naval Ammunition Depot, Hawthorne, Nev. It would have been very good duty if not for my ***** wife. Also for the Mineral County sheriff, they could not take a joke. Just because they had me on radar doing 135 mph in a 35mph zone. Had a 1968 GTX.
    I got discharged in 53 from Portsmouth Viginia.
    I got discharged in 56 from Portsmouth New Hampshire.

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    I was at the Barracks in the Brig section and Escort section 1968 to 1969
    Matt Wojciechowski

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    Quote Originally Posted by island red View Post
    I was stationed at MB Portsmouth VA in 1950 and MB Portsmouth NH in 1955. I would like to see some photographs of either.
    And I would like to know the name of the streets they were on. For ariel views. SEMPER-FI or as we used to say GUNG-HO
    In an effort to comply with your request I found a photo of Portsmouth NH most prominant edifice, the Portsmouth Naval Prison in my photo files.Click image for larger version

Name:	800px-Portsmouth_Naval_Prison.jpg
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    NWS Yorktown
    Yorktown, VA. 1987-1989

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    Fastback, Was SSGT East your Plt. CO? I left there in 89, so I am sure things changed.

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    7th Comm Bn Okinawa bldg 2820 (and then) VMU-3 29 palms bldg 1627 DNCO Cpl Bonzack, how can I help you sir or ma'am? :P

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    Contact me MARINE77777@COMCAST.NET
    I servered at the Philly Navy Yard as an Escort and Brig Guard

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    I was a Brig Guard in 1968 in Philly. The Brig is no longer there. I think Herman the German blew it up with the secret weapons they developed in WW 2


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    Del mar Barracks, Camp Pendleton

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