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    Quote Originally Posted by tmoquin View Post
    Marine Barracks Yorktown,Va. 1977-1979 1st Plt
    ECHO2/4 MT. FUJI FIRE OCT 19,1979

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    Marine Barracks, Annapolis Md Feb 83-Mar 85. What a blast!

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    Marine Barracks Mare Island, Vallejo California 72 - 74.

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    Marine Barracks, Yokosuka Japan 1986-1988

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulkyker View Post
    Corporal M I think you are possibly confused on the difference between standing guard or DNCO and the actual Marine Barracks that guarded Naval assests. Most of the Marine barracks are gone now so the new pepsi generation refers to anything guard duty or DNCO as barracks duty. This was not always the case.

    LOL I was about to say the same....

    "Ermmm.... I stood duty a lot at BB270 Courthouse Bay"

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    It almost seemed like new Marines were snatched up at random to fill B billets after infantry school graduation: You're going to Marine Barracks Alameda, you're going to Marine Barracks Naples Italy, you're going to Sea School, you are the ideal height and weight for 8th & I... ewes guys smokin and jokin out there by the rear hatch are headed for the 3rd Marine Division Okinawa, pack your trash

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    msfco yorktown va 1st plt 90-92

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    Concord Naval Weapons staion...Concord ,calif 1966 and in 1968/69

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    Thumbs up

    Marine Barracks 8th & I
    Aco. Color Guard Sept 89 march 93

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    Marine Barracks Naval Weapons Station (Skiffs Creek Annex) Yorktown, Va 70 to 71

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    Marine Barracks US Naval Sub-base Groton, CT 80-83.

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    marine barracks

    Marine Barracks, Yokosuka, Japan 1972-1974. Would like to hear from someone

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    Marine Barracks Moffett Field, Mt. View Ca. - Dec. 67 - June 69.
    Had a TS clearance to stand a TS post at the time.

    Carry on....

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    Marine Barracks treasure Island, San Francisco California 1967

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    Marine Barracks 8th & I
    67 -68
    outstanding chow amazing I didn't get fat

    Listened to the Southern Baptist Church across the street Fri-Sat
    They REALLY had that church rockin when they were singing

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