The journey to becoming a Marine
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    Question The journey to becoming a Marine

    so I've done my research and decided that of all the military branches that the Marines is the one for me. However, I have a few more things to figure out before I settle on this idea.
    1. Which college? I would like to go to college so that I have more oppritunites for jobs after the Marines. I've looked at Annapolis and it looks great but I am wondering if I will miss out on the "college experience" by going to a military academy. Also how does the NROTC program work and should I consider that more closely?
    2. How does choosing your job in the Marines work? All and all I would at some point like to become a scout sniper, however I read you need to reach the rank of Lance Corprol before you can enter scout sniper training. Just wondering how long this takes and if you can specialize earlier in the Marines.
    3. Do I want to be an officer? From what i've read you come out of the academy as an officer, and the way I see it all the jobs I want are jobs for the enlisted. I was just wondering which route is better for my goal of Scout Sniper.
    4. If possible what kind of work do scout snipers do? I would just like to make sure my goal is as I see it.

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    Do some searching on the site, that will give you some answers. Pretty much all of them.

    I'm thinking you haven't done much research since you don't know that the academy automatically graduates officers.

    Officers are not scout snipers.

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    hehehe, all you have to do to become a sniper is join the infantry...

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    If you're worried about getting The "college" experiance the Marine Corps isn't for you.
    That may sound harsh, but earning the Eagle Globe And Anchor isn't something you just DECIDE to earn. Being a scout sniper is a whole other can of worms. Do more research, and if you still have questions I'll be more than happy to answer them.

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