What do I do, just quit?
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    Angry What do I do, just quit?

    So I have been trying to get enlisted for some time now. There was an outpatient surgery I had to undergo in order to proceed with the process. The waiver didn't come back for a crazy amount of time. Then a acceptance to go see the navy doctor came in, I saw them, and they were ****ed how I wasn't in yet over something so damn stupid.. Later on I broke my collarbone in a car crash (Which was before the doctor visit) SO i went back to meps, then they sent me back out to radiology, I gopt the xray, then they said they would see me in 2 months It's been 4 months past the 2 months, so a total of 6. I have contacted my recriters, and they seem pretty damn careless. I've been hoping for the last year and half something would go good and nothing. Is there aything I can do to speed up the process or at least find out if I'm even freakin' eligible? Do I have to write a damn letter to Robert Gates?
    I wanna know how long you guys have waited to get in, and if it was a long time, what was the reason?

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    I don't want to tell you to quit but I do have to be honest and say that getting in right now is tough, even if you are locked on, squared away, squeaky clean, with no waivers. I know of one poolee here that has had to re-dep twice now because he hasn't been able to ship and the recruiters are basically telling him to go elsewhere now

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    I know you're anxious but just give it time. Keep following up with your recruiters to show how dedicated you are.

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    When I joined I got to Meps in a week and a waiver in a day but that was back in 07

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    Never Quit!!! When **** Gets Tough, You Get Tough With It!!! I'm Trying To Enlist With The Marine Corps. I Started Training With Poolees At The Rss Last July At 253 Lbs!!! Now I'm 200 And I Just Applied For Enlistment!!! Quitters Never Win And Winners Never Quit!!! Oorah!!!!!

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    It just looks like our Corps is getting full, keep trying, Good Luck, Semper Fidelis.

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    Look if you want to be a Marine you have to keep fighting! Thats what we do! If you truly want to be a Marine then nobody is going to make that happen but yoruself! You stay persistent and stay on your recruiters hide and youll make it! Everybody has different circumstances when they enlisted and you will too! If you stick with it than youll make it! If you have too go see another recruiter! Oh and keep us informed!

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    If you are thinking of quitting why even post a question to ask what you should do?

    Continue to march and go see the recruiter face to face.....

    You have things that need to be waived and the Marine Corps is doing very little waving.

    But if you want the prize you need to act like you are from the great state of Missouri....instead of show me...show them that you have what it takes....

    If you quit without a definitive answer saying that you are not qualified.....then hopefully you are not setting yourself up for other things in life to quit....when the toughness of daily life sets in ......

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    If you want to be a Marine.... you have to be willing to crawl through sh!t if necessary. Giving up is NEVER an option in the Marines. If you want to be a Marine... then go to the recruiter and show them everyday that you are someone they want to call their brother.

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    Must have already quit........

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