1391 - Bulk Fuel Specialist questions
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    1391 - Bulk Fuel Specialist questions

    Hello everyone!

    So I DEP'd in about a week ago, and got 1391 (I'm reserves). Read up on it, sounds okay and I'm interested in the engineering side of things so this is a plus.

    Does anyone know how long the MOS school at Ft. Lee, VA is? I'm also interested to see if this transfers over to the civilian sector at all (since you get a HAZMAT qualification), as well as your normal duties.

    I did search the forum, but there's hardly any information on it (with the majority being 1371 Combat Engineer).

    P.S. Anybody else I can PM to have my status changed to Poolee? PMed jinelson since he seemed the most active, but it's been a few days now. I'm not in a huge rush though. Ship date 20110404.

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    MOS------Name of School----------School Location---------Days

    1391 -- Bulk Fuel Specialist -- MARCOREP Ft Lee, Va -- 44 Days


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    I am a Marine with Bulk Fuel Co. C here in AZ and we have a quite a few Marines that work with fuel engineering in their civilian jobs also. If your interested in it then yes it can be a very rewarding($$$) career. A few work for the airport fueling jets, I know one(a SSgt) works for Exxon here in AZ and manages a big fuel farm/fuel accounts.

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    I was a 1391 back in 65-69 bulk fuel,was with Mabs 36-Mag36 in Viet Nam.We had two or three units out at all times setting portable field units to refuel our chopper for Medivacs or supply runs to keep our marines supplied at all times.Most important to take our wounded and dead marines out of the field as soon as possible.Combat we saw enough to last a lifetime.In the states I was with Mabs24-Mag 24 Jet's.After the Corp I worked at the Airport refueling bigger planes.I live in Texas and that career in fuel is wide open in any fuel field.You don't have to be an 0311 to see combat,believe me.

    Ignacio Castilleja
    Vietnam 66-67
    Semper Fi.

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    Awesome information! Thanks for the reply everyone!

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