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    uhm i never compared you to national gaurd if you read what i put it says i know your bmt is harder i just rather go through 3 months with national guard then 3 months with college itleast national guard CAN OFFER ME something similar(comparing to a regular college!) to Marine BMT, id be putting some type of physical and military training. lol and how do i think "i con my recruiter?" i just mentioned he says he has 125 slots open for GED thats not a con. and i also mentioned i didnt want to be NG but oh well if it gets me closer to Marine i heard i can apply for for D-368.

    and MIKE thank you so much your answer was exactly the type of answer and explanation i needed

    and ADVANCED maybe you shouldnt of came to my post in the first place if you dont care about it or are too lazy to read the whole thing...yet you bother on commenting and responding to it. and calling me a disrespectful little sh1t WHEN THE FUK did i compare national guard to Marine my emphasis this whole post is that THE ONLY THING I WANT I DONT GIVE A FUK ABOUT NURSING, OR IF YOU THINK I SHOULD GO SOMEWHERE else... I DUNNO WHY IT KEEPS COMING UP JUST A CIVILIAN JOB IDEA I HAVE AND I ALSO MENTIONED I WAS LOOKING AT COP OR FIREFIGHTER, BUT REALLY PRIORITY OVER ALL A GIRLFRIEND A JOB MONEY HOUSE THE LOTTERY NURSE COP MY LIFE I DUN GIVE A FUK IS TO BE A UNITED STATES MARINE, NATIONAL GUARD WOULD BE A WAY AROUND MY GED ISSUE!!!!!!!!!

    and dont start talkin sh1t about me being a dropout too you piece o sh1t ive been honors all my life im not a retard or a lazy person. i dropped out of highschool because i was kicked out of my house at 16 and had to work 2 jobs and sleep only 4 days a week to pay my motherfukin rent because my father "disowned me" @ 14 and my mother is on welfare and trying to support my other 3 little brothers and barely making her own rent. besides the Marine BMT and anything Marine which of course you have over me, lets compare your life to mine BEFORE JOINING THE MILITARY. i bet you had a nice little life with parents who love you and a nice extended family, and let you live with them and probably never knew what rent was til after 18 or 21 or today. you probably dont know what its like to eat a piece of bread and a chocolate shake every night for a month and that was my lunch breakfast dinner. or having your first car die in the middle of a snowstorm cus its a super hoopdy and having no family or person to turn to and waiting 18 hours in acar that turned into a fridge and getting frostbite and sick and after all that and som 1 coming to rescue still have to go to work the next day(few hours later) or not be able to make rent and getting evicted. man and thats not even the beginning ive been through so much sh1t in my life that you cant even imagine and dont feel like sharing. i can tell i have a shot. i can take anything and i KNOW I CAN MAKE IT.

    BUT anyway im not one of those ppl that like to give sob story cus in the end everything just made me stronger so thank you God. thanks for those who helped with this post....those who didnt i rather you of not commented than leave smart aleck remarks or telling me to go somewhere else like you know me or assuming already "i wont make it" or "im soft". We'll see....

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    Good I gotta say Goodby. The Marines are for the 'Big Dogs'. Let the pups lick themselves.

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    iwant2Bnationalguard - You have made it crystal clear that you are not made of the right stuff to earn the title or serve within my beloved Marine Corps. You have both anger issues and you most definitely are a whiner.

    You may be a small time player on the street in Miami but the Marines here have been around the block a few times. 03Mike gave you a wonderful post, but I notice that you ignore that which you choose not to hear. And as others have posted the ng does not prepare you for the Marine Corps, it would actually make you less desirable if that is at all possible.

    You have disrespected my fellow Marines on this site and you have certainly disrespected me. Don't you get it, no one here cares about your crappy life. You have been talking to real Marines and we don't care very much for your I've had it so bad story. To us you are simply a quitter with no direction in sight. BIT OF EDUCATION: In the Marine Corps the only thing lower than whale shiit is a quitter. To us to quit is to die, and I mean that literally.

    And please stop trying to recite my MC hymn, you are debasing it. To you it is just words, to us it brings tears to our eyes and we will fight to the death to uphold it values.

    P.S. As hard as you think your life is now, it don't mean nothin. At Parris Island you become born again hard.

    There, I was gentle this time.

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    lol well i believe i have all the info i need after asking around and doing my own research. wether you like it or not im gonna be in soon. ill let my actions do the talking.

    i love you guys attitudes
    ....and im not being sarcastic.


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    Going in the NG doesn't mean you can get into the Marine's not as easy as you may think or have been told.

    There are many who do not require any waivers of any kind who will get into the Marine Corps long before you do.

    Oh, and try using spell check.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iwant2BMarine View Post
    lol well i believe i have all the info i need after asking around and doing my own research. ... im gonna be in soon. ... .
    Chalk up another one for the good guys.

    An interested bystander came to the "table," asked around, got what he was looking for as far as informative direction, and left as a satisfied customer.

    Glad we could be of help.

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    yes i know unfortunately they said most likely the d 368 form wouldnt get approved that its not as easy as it sounds(ya'll were right i was just mad cus all the obstacles and denials ive been getting has been frustrating).
    i spoke to an actual Marine recruiter because the place i went to had army, national guard, navy and Marine recruiters so i could speak to both at the same time which was convenient. i dont wanna wait til school in january(a whole year from now and then go through 4 months/semester).

    SO!.. just to let you guys know im going to job corp next month....ill be ther for 3 or 4 months depending on how fast i can get the 675 clock hours and then im good to go i become tier I and im single no kids no wife no criminal background never been arrested no medical problems no drugs live on my own, i did track for 3 years so running im pretty good(top 3 in highschool, but 1st out of my grade, before dropping out) and the first physical assessment situps pushups and the 2 mile run ive been doing almost every day this month before or after work so there shouldnt be any more obstacles getting in the way after that except seeing if the bootcamp will make me or break me=), looking forward to it and the amazing transformation ive seen in other Marines i know. theyll be nothing left but to prove myself in 4 months. =)))

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    I guess you're showing me you little twit. All you need is someone in your corner piissing you off. I can't believe you've never been arrested (I'm also an X-Cop), I guess you didn't get caught.

    If you do what you say, come back here and I'll be the first to call you Marine. But, reality check, I'll probably never hear from you again so I'll forget you.

    P.S. I came out of the streets of NY myself at 17 - I'm still standing.

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    You will never make it to our famous yellow footprints,lol,is it true the army uses pink footprints? Semper Fidelis

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    ok so then im just like you came out of streets of NYC at 16. And just like you im persuing what i believe is a honorable career with the Marines instead and im still standing, stronger than before.(100% on my own still, 5 1/2 years later).

    And get caught for what i've never committed any crime. my worst offense in my life is driving with a suspended license (which i wasnt aware of).

    Fact is things can be harder when you do things the right way if not i could of easily taken routes ex-friends have and start making that fast money or being a bum instead of the constant struggle i had to put up with just to make ends meet. But no matter the odds i do w.e to survive and make it the legal way. Got good at it too i reported 14k at age of 16, 24k @ 17, 34k 18, 42k at 19, 48k at 20 and 55k at 21. Not that many people i know my age are willing to put in the work i have or accomplished things i have. yeah i may of had to work 70 hours a week some weeks but i still made it. im willing to do what it takes til the end. Nothing in my life has came easy. Not even my "childhood" if you want to call it that.

    But alright sounds good i already saved a copy of this forum in my email couple days ago...its motivating and i want to have a hitlist to came back to and show off my success for when i do make it.(advanced you keep advancing higher on that list)

    p.s. I know you think i have anger issues but im always smiling when typing up my respond to you.

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    First, your grammar SUCKS.

    Second, you don't come into MY house and disrespect Marines. Period.

    That just bought you a 7 day vacation. THAT will give you time to research the site and determine your next course of action.

    Be glad I'm not tossing your punk-azz out of here permanantly.

    Also, YOU screwed up your OWN life. Not us. YOU chose to drop out of HS, etc etc etc. Don't come here with some sort of sense of entitlement just because you take up oxygen on the earth and Oprah tells you you are 'special'. News ain't.

    IF you return to my happy little kingdom, I expect full on respect, humility, and a use of capitalization, spell check, and whatever else it takes for those of us with a High School diploma, to READ your posts. Otherwise, I will summarily delete same as I've done here.

    Life is's tougher if you are stupid. Look that up. Live it.

    And the ONLY reason this particular thread still exists at all is as a warning to others.

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