Can my injury change my ship date?
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    Can my injury change my ship date?

    Hello there,
    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but i need an answer to my question. I leave January 3, 2011. To prepare myself for my upcoming ship date I have continued to work out, A few days ago while on a run, I slipped and pulled a muscle. I did the Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate (Played sports all my life). However, it has been nearly five days and the muscle still is tender and sore and I cannot jog or run on it. I would suck it up however it isn't a pain its more that it won't work.
    My mother who works as an Emergency Room nurse thinks I might have torn the muscle. (She supports my decision so it's not her preventing me from going). I need to get it checked out further.
    I need to know if this injury is gonna push back my ship date? I'm a contracted as a Reservist. I'm currently visiting my family out of state and was playing on flying back "home" to leave for boot. However, If my ship date changes I will just stay here until I have to leave.
    How likely is it that my date will change? How long will I have to wait for another reservist spot? I enlisted in July and have been dedicated to my dream of being a Marine. I don't want to go to boot and be stuck in a medical platoon.

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    If I posted in the wrong forum someone let me know. I tried calling my sgt. but it was Christmas day and I didn't think he would answer.

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    well just throwing this out there can you really not run? or are you afraid of boot? your mind might be playing tricks on you making yourself think its worse then it is. on a more srs note call your recruiter. i know mine would say hell no! your not going to boot like this!!

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    You'll be fine. You don't PT for receiving week except for the IST on the Friday you get there. I did the Crucible and Reaper hike on shin splints and a messed up ankle so I'm pretty sure you'll survive .

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    No I have been through pain and injury before. Played HS football on a dislocated ankle. I can't wait for boot and I have been in the dep since July. I'm doing the reserves so I am on a certain schedule.

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    If this is a tear it's gonna require rest and time to heal. Things I don't think I'll get at boot camp.

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    Talk to your recruiter, honestly, he'll probably ship you anyway. Unless you have surgery or something from a doctor, your still shipping.

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    To finish up the post. I talked to my recruiter today. I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday, and I sounds like I'm gonna need an MRI or some sort of scan. My recruiter is pushing my ship date sometime around the beginning of February. Giving me some time to heal and about a week to get back into running shape. Thanks to everyone for their private messages and their posts. Semper Fi See you all on the other side.

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    This is why people "never broke any bones" or "never went to the emergency room".

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