Marine Corps MOS AE Aviation Support?
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    Marine Corps MOS AE Aviation Support?

    I am currently scheduled to ship to bootcamp in February under an AE Aviation Support contract. I joined to go infantry but am looking at getting married after bootcamp and another MOS would make family life a little easier. I do not want a desk job and am trying to find out more about Aviation support to find out if it would be an exciting career choice. Honestly I would love to find a mos as close to infantry as possible without having a very angry and depressed wife. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Just curious but why would your wife be angry and upset if your infantry vs. any other MOS?....Any other MOS will still be relatively long hours and still getting deployed. And anything infantry related likes tanks, tracks, arty, engineers will spend a lot of time out in the field and away from home.

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    She's fine with having to be away from me but she says she doesn't know how she would live if she knew I was away with my primary job being combat.

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