Training Restriction as a 92-Day Reservist
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    Question Training Restriction as a 92-Day Reservist

    Good Afternoon gents,

    I got a quick question and I couldn't think of a better place to ask:

    I am a 92-Day Reservist in between boot camp and SOI. The company martial art instructor was asking around about who wanted to train to go up to gray belt, to which I promptly signed up for. But once I got home from drill I vaguely remember either my recruiter or I&I 1st Sergeant saying something about not being able to receive any official training until I graduate SOI.

    Does anyone know anything about this?

    Also, I am due to pick up Lance Corporal sometime in February or March. I heard a rumor that all 92-dayers go to SOI/MCT together. Is this true?

    Lastly, did I fill out all the correct info for my account?


    PFC Rodriguez

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    That is partially true, 92 day reservists aren't supposed to be eligible for quite a few things if they haven't completed MCT and/or MOS school. But there are definite loop holes and errors in the system because there is a few Marines in my unit who have been on deployments and all while still having not gone to SOI or an MOS school. One actually just finally went to SOI as a Sgt. this last summer.

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    If anything you will need some sustainment hours, so it won't help to go through the new grey belt techs while doing sustainment training (that gets documented via hardcopy so you can take it with you). Really the hardest part about MCMAP tests are the previous techniques....I heard they are reducing the requirements of MCMAP but I'm not sure if that's hit yet.

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    I dont know about the formal rules, but I remember 2-3 92-day Reservists with grey belts at SOI when I was there two years ago

    also, all 92-days dont technically go to SOI together but you have to realize there's only like a 90 day window to get you guys through so it seems like you're all there at once. The Co ahead of us grouped all of theirs into one platoon but ours were spread out...

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    Okay thanks for the info guys.

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