We all made mistakes as a child
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    We all made mistakes as a child

    I am a proud American son that was born November 8, 1985. In the 25 years I have lived I have learned many things. I have learned direction, obedience, consideration, humility confidence and to be very observant to my surroundings. One of my toughest lessons was when I was a teenager. I allowed some guys to drag me down and I take full responsibility for this childhood mistake because I let my guards down. When I was 17 years old I had a group of friends who I would shortly figure out was headed down the wrong road and tryin to take me with them, but what open my eyes was when they tried to involve me with an ignorant action that would haunt me for many years to come.

    One night a group of friends stop by my house and ask if I wanted to go play some basketball, it was kinda early in the evening around 7:30 and I had sat at the house all day so I was delighted to get out for a little while. Well little did I know when we arrived at our destination it wasn't at the basketball court, it was on the side of a road in the dark. They asked if I was ready, and I got nervous and started asking questions. Well come to find out they had planned on going and robbing someone. My first thought is that they're just joking and fooling around, then things took a turn for the worst. They wasn't joking so the first thing I did was try to convince them it was stupid but they told me to shut up and stop being a punk. Well I was always taught you don't steal so the next thing I did was jump out the car. They got out after me and tried to convince me to come along, well I wouldn't and I started walking down the road and they went the other direction mumbling I better not say anything because you know what happen to snitches. Well after walking a few more steps I turned around not really knowing why but something placed it in my mind that I could stop them from making the worst mistake of their lives. I checked the car to see if they had left the keys because I could have never caught them on foot and once I discovered they had left them in the ignition I got in the car and rushed that way hoping to catch them before they got there. Well when I got down the road I wasn't even sure which house they had gone to so I looked carefully. I never seen anyone, so I turned around looked real close again and still couldn't find them anywhere. Well I went back down there where the car was originally parked and left it there got back out and started walking again. About 10 mins down the road walking, they pulled up and urged me to get in. I told them hell no that I didn't want any part in it and that I aint going down for there stupid stuff.

    I have had many friends but I have never been a follower to others. God give me a mind of my own and I believe in utilizing it. Well they told me they didn't get anything and they swore repeatedly and told me they would take me home. It took a few minutes for me to calm down because I was so mad at what they tried to involve me in something so stupid, I am not a theif. I may have gotten in my fair share of childhood tussles and fights but I Don't steal. Well I finally got in the car and demanded they take me straight home. I raised hell and made a fuss all they way to my house about how stupid it was and how they are gonna ruin their lives and they kept informing me they didn't do anything, it didn't work out. So when they dropped me off I told them it wouldn't bother me if I never seen them again in my life. They left and I didn't see them again after that until a week or so later I had two detectives standing at my door asking me questions. I volunteered everything I knew and explained to them that I was told they didn't have the opportunity to to do anything so I didn't think there was anything to tell as well as I wasn't sure what or where they tried to go commit this crime. That the only thing I knew was where they stopped the car. I was detained and released on bond where I remained out of trouble with a full time job with no contact with law enforcment other than to answer the questions they had on what had taken place, but I could only offer the truth I knew which was very little due to the fact I knew none of their plan or even which house they were trying to break in or whatever they were trying to do.

    Due to the fact that I didn't have any actions in this crime and I even tried to prevent it I was given more leiniant consequences even though I had to be prosecuted because S.C law states that the hand of one is the hands of all and even though I assumed they hadn't taken anything because I seen no physical evidence of the crime or stuff they supposedly stole, that I should have still informed law enforcement which is one of my faults. The other is assuming these guys were my friends. I was charged as a juvenile under the youthful offenders act because I had never had any infractions with the law. I was sentenced to Accessory After the Fact to 2nd Degree burglary non violent. Its classed as a misdemeanor and not a felony.

    I realize that was one of the dumbest things I have ever done or not did depending on the angle you look at it form but either way, it was still ignorant. I stayed away from all of them as well as almost anyone that wasn't kin to me for a long time. I went to work and came home everyday and didn't go out partying with friends like most teenagers do because I didn't ever wanna be put back in that kinda situation ever again. Well the crime took place on October 2002 and I wasn't sentenced until January 13, 2005 at which I was sentenced to what I mentioned above. I received 3 years suspended to probation community service and restitution. I had completed 180 hours of community service which included picking up trash on the side of the road for 5 hours every Saturday for over a year and I complied. I completed them hours without any missed Saturday. After doin 2 1/2 years of my 3 year probation, but unforunately I violated and was sentenced to a juvenile boot camp based detention center. While here they taught me humility and how to play life like a game of chess with anticipating every move while planning 3 moves directed off my current move. This taught me that my every move had to planned and coordinated while I was preparing for my next 3 moves. Well being I had learned this trait as well as humility, I took the opportunity to acheive many other things while I was there. I figured I could either do what 98% of others do and sleep time away or use time wisely such as to acheive whatever education was offered such as me obtaining my G.E.D even though I had a High School Diploma from Cornerstone Christian Academy which I originally received because a Recruiter told me that he could accept me with that being I didn't finish my original diploma through my hometown highschool. I also took College courses while I was there only being offered to those who scored well enough on the G.E.D overall score. And took other seminars I wasn't required to, because the only education that makes a person stupid is the one that he/she doesn't take time to obtain. A wise man excepts all knowledge and refuses no teachings the could lead to prosperity. I was released form that detention center with receiving of many acheivements, seminar completion certificates and awards for most improved and many other for acheiving goals and setting examples for other as well as helping other achieve their G.E.D's.

    I was released from there and went directly back to work on a full time job doing one of my many trades Carpentry. The college Degree I managed to obtain in the short period of time I was detained was certifying my as an Electrical Technician in all phases, which helped my get a job with Fluor Inc. Which is the 2nd largest construction company in the USA and the 3rd in the world. I worked there until the job was over and at that point there wasn't any job opportunities at that time so I relied on another trade I had and that was automotive mechanics. Now I have not had in contact with law enforcement in over 3 years and I have followed the advice of my probation officer and they have even bragged of how my life has turned around being they have known me since I was 17 years old and still thought as a child. I have gained the approval of a lot of people now that I used to assume had it out for me, but I came to realize these people was just disappointed in the potential they seen me wasting.
    Like I mentioned before I am not a bad person I have just made a couple of bad choices I had to be punished for. A wise man doesn't fret in a time of Chastening he simple accepts the discipline and mistakes and learns from them. Where an unwise man ignores discipline and never learns from his mistakes therefore continued to make the same mistake repeatedly. I am a wise man and I am asking your to consider the fact that I made a childhood mistake and I learned from it and that I have the ability to be a great asset to the Marines and not a disciplinary factor that would risk the mission or the men I fight beside as well as myself. I am asking for a single chance to fight for my country and prove I am worthy to be called a US Marine. I have adapted and overcome the mistake I made as a child and learned from it. I ask you to find in your heart, the ability to give me a second chance provided I am reformed and of just cause. I also am in the process of obtaining all the required and neccessary legal documents, affidavits and statements further explaining my childhood mistake, my situation and circumstances including reccomendations from probation officers police officers and many other law officials that has watched my transformation from a child to the man that I am presently approaching you as.
    I understand completely the high standards for enlistment the Marines have placed to keep trouble makers out of the ranks. I also understand that being I had a troubled childhood no matter how small or large I am still a liability. I simply ask you to have an open mind on this situation and evaluate my circumstances, and hopely you will understand it was a childhood mistake that I took complete responsibility for and corrected it and that it isn't a repeating factor of my moral character. I realize you may have received this type of letter before and however just that person may have been, everyone is different. But as a God fearing American I believe that everyone has the ability for second chances as long as they diligently seek reformation and rehabilitation through God which believes everyone has the ability to change and find prosperity. I understand The Marine Corp isn't a daycare or rehab and I definitely wouldn't approach you with that because it would sound incompetent and be far fetched.Due to the fact that i diligently seem enlistment i have spent an unimagineable amount of time referencing and looking for some what of a standing plank as to what i am proposing is just and i possess a strong Moral Character for productivity and prosperity.

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    uummmm, not sure where the question lays in all of that..??...

    You made your bed and your the one who has to sleep in it. We are not recruiters here and can't tell you whether or not you'll be able to enlist. From what I have gathered out of this saga of drama you posted, although you may have turned yourself around there is still a lot of baggage trailing you and the Corps doesn't want to have to deal with any of it.

    You need to sit down and have a long talk with a recruiter and see if he will even listen, there is numerous other people wanting to enlist with far less drama. You need to convince a recruiter not members of a forum.

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    Sir, though you are a Marine and may not fully undestand what my issue is. Well here it is, I got got in trouble as a teen and am current trying to have the priviledge of serving my country as a U.S Marine. With all due respect, I believe in the Oath you swore under you held your right hand up to God in respect while accepting this Oath correct? All American currency as well as other articles we observe daily states: In God We Trust. Is he not a God that forgives and believes that human thinks as a child and deserves the shadow of doubt to be forgiven for his once made mistakes. So because I made a simple mistake as a child I was assuming you could understood and comprehended my situation. What I am asking, does anyone reognize my just cause in enlistment? I have a single juvenile infraction, but the way you expressed it as I have a repeated history of law infractions, My main concern is to those of higher rank and recruiting experience tho your opinion is welcome and very appreciated. Do I seem like I have a chance? You stated that I have a long saga of drama at which I do not recognize. Sir once again with all do respect, do u have the ability to see me as a rehabilitated individual and that since I commited such a crime no matter how small or large, should one time juvenile criminals be forgiven being they admitted to there wrong doing and overcame it by learning from their mistakes and becoming prosperous and productive citizens and never doing it again. It has been 8 years and I have not been in any trouble since. Thanks for your time and opinion in your previous reply. Though this may not be a recruiters office as you previously stated I am in seek of advice Sir and I thank you again

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    This is not a religious issue so I would drop all the "god" talk.

    I can completely understand why you would want to enlist, I am not some young 18-19 year old kid. I am 26 and completely understand where you are coming from. I have been through college, numerous jobs, the OCS selection process, etc. etc...

    If you want to serve that is great but you need to speak with a recruiter about what you want and what type enlistment issues you may have. Pleading your case to a public forum of Marines and wannabes will not get you anywhere because, while this may sound harsh, we don't care. We have earned our title as Marines and while we are here to answer questions about being a Marine, we can't answer personal philosophical questions about whether or not its the right thing to do. Only you can answer that question for yourself.

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    God, Country and Corps, Semper Fidelis.

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    You need to go see a recruiter with documentation.

    You maybe better off trying another branch of service......

    The Marine Corps is booking only potential recruits with a clean laundry list.

    Waivers can be had....however they are going to be hard to get for criminal...even though it was 8 years ago and you turned yourself around.

    Try the NG or the army.....

    Keep your nose clean.....and bring ALL paperwork to try to start a process.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SGT7477 View Post
    God, Country and Corps, Semper Fidelis.
    I completley agree Sir,

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    You've now asked this twice, and you'll get the SAME answer. Your life story matters not a WHIT.


    And I'm telling you right now, the next post you make after this better be "I talked to the recruiter today" or I will BOOT YOUR BUTT off this site for a 30 day vacation, thus allowing you time to TALK TO A RECRUITER instead of fishing around for sympathy and whining about life.

    And I promise you if you respond to this post with "But but but but" you'll be just as gone.

    Quit whining and GO FRAKKIN DO IT!

    Lastly, you have no RIGHT to serve. That's tough, but that's life. If you are DQ'd, then man up and move on.

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    Interesting reading. Sounds like a regular drama queen.

    Lep, I suppose the black birds are fueled?

    Illegitimi Non Carborundum!!

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    Yep. And on standby.

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