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    deployment pay

    hello, my husband deployed to Afg. on Nov 6. it is now Dec 7..I was wondering when I should expect deployment pay to kick in? also will it show on mypay ? as of right now my next pay (the 15th) shows no extra pay...also he got promoted an d he told me the little extra pay from the promotion should start on the first and it hasnt and his rank has not changed in long should this take? this is our first deployment and first change in rank pfc to lcpl..just wondering any help is appreciated! thanks!

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    Promotion pay doesnt start on the first it starts on the 15th and you wont see a rank change until the end of month les that will come out around dec 20-25. the dec 1 pay was for the last 2 weeks in november and he was still a pfc at that time. The marine corp will back pay any extra pay he gets for deployment when the get around to paying in. Just a word of advice save the extra money that he gets for that 7 month deployment.

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