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    Question Usmc Grunt

    Im 22 yeas old and am currently getting things squared away so I can Join the Marines. I had gotten a DWI earlier this year and it is slowing the process down dramaticaly. Anyways Im 99% sure I want to be infantry but first I would like to know what an infantry Marine's average day consists of both during deployment and at base. Any enlightenment on this subject would be greatly appreciated.


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    This subject has been covered over & over. Use the search and figure it out.

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    I still didnt find the specifics wich I am looking for, such as the actual routines as to wake up, PT, etc. for deployed situations Sir.

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    If you can't find it here, google "Marine Infantry". Use the search terms "Infantry Marine" "Marine Infantry" "0311" on this site. If you haven't done that, try those.

    Each day is different depending on where you are. Some will suck, others will suck less. That's about the best way I can put it.

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    aww you deleted my post

    it was such good advice though.

    everyone does hate you if you're a grunt.

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    Now, that does have a bit of relevance. However, it's not quite what he's looking for. (And yes, to an extent, it's true)....which is why I'm leaving it.

    Check your inbound PM please.


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    Like stated earlier, every day is going to be different. Some days you are in the rear getting classes and taking care of admin BS and others you are in the field for days. It does not matter what the training schedule says, everything changes all the time (semper-gumby). Being a grunt is the best job in the Marine Corps. Some things are different as I have been out for four years now, but all in all it's the same from what old buddies tell me. Good luck getting in.

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    Thanx for the helpful posts everybody.

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