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    Back From the Island

    Just graduated Wed Nov. 24th. 1st Bn Delta Co. Plt 1090 SDI Ssgt Thomas, DI Sgt Jones DI Sgt Bromery DI Sgt Spivey. Thanks for all the help before the journey to become a United States Marine!

    What can be expected at SOI West?

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    Congrats Marine! You need to change your moniker status to Marine!

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    Marine !! S/F Moz

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    Congrats on becoming a United States Marine ....and welcome to the Marine Corps family.
    PM one of the mods...jinelson, yellowwing, or Sgt have one of them change your status from poolee to Marine.

    Semper Fi Marine!

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    Thumbs up are now "One of the Few, One of the Proud" Semper Fi

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    You were in 90? I was in 88. Congrats bro...Dirty Delta!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robbie123 View Post
    You were in 90? I was in 88. Congrats bro...Dirty Delta!

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    Congrats Marine. Welcome to the family. As far as your question concerning SOI, I think I will let someone with a bit more recent experience answer that one.

    Try to be available to assist poolees as you were assisted during your waiting.

    Again, Congrats.

    Semper Fidelis,

    I am not particularly brave, courageous, nor even very smart. But I am a US Marine which makes up for all my other failings. - DrZ

    "Some people live an entire lifetime wondering if they've made a difference in the world, Marines don't have that problem." President Ronald Regan

    DrZ is the internet name I selected in the early days at University. So keep in mind I never was a DevilDoc.
    Si Vis Pacem Para bellum

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