Platoon 3012 .... "Dismissed"....
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    Platoon 3012 .... "Dismissed"....

    Cerca 1964-1965 San Diego Marine Corps Recruit Depot.
    I am in touch with one Marine, Gary Mendez, now relocated
    to Belen New Mexico, where is a general contractor.
    Looking for Ralph Washington who was from Chicago last time
    I saw him was about 46 years ago, had a girl friend named Loretta,
    or "Red" as he called her. Then there was Bassett, Orozco, and De Phillips, and the staff...
    Sgt Cook (D.I.) Sgt Jones (D.I.) and Platoon Cmdr. Waldrop...
    Love to hear from anyone still around to talk about it.
    Jon Molin

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    I was in Platoon 3012 at San Diego, SSGT Craig L. Johnson.

    I am working now as a government employee.

    I graduated 1982

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    I didn't know the Corps used a plt. number one than once. But then again I don't know how it is today.

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    I have my year book from that year. I purchase one when I left booth camp
    platoon 3012.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post

    I didn't know the Corps used a
    Platoon number one than once.

    But then again
    I don't know how it is today.

    facepalm jar around here someplace-

    We- start @ 0 every year ...;;

    3Bns @ MCRDSD

    11-28-10, 08:48 PM #1

    Ment to say platoon #312

    Yesterday, 01:27 PM #2

    Was so happy seeing his platoon
    number- 3014 ---he spewed----

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    I was in Platoon 336, graduated March 67.

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    Graduated 3012 from PI on 2/14/89..

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