Marine Corps Boots
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    Marine Corps Boots

    Gentlemen and Ladies,

    I have been looking every where and can not find them.

    I am looking to gain a pair of the tan rough side out boots first issued when we first changed over the uniforms to MARPAT. I believe the boot was first issued in 2002.

    I attached a picture of exactly what I am looking for. Size 8 regular and in as close to new condition as possible.



    William McMonigle, Sgt/USMC
    Enlisted Warfighting Instructor, TBS

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    you don't have boots?? every Marine are issued tan boots...

    unless you're looking for the exact ones from 2002?

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    Yes I do have boots, in fact I have many sets of boots to include my old black leathers.

    What I am looking for is a pair exactly like those pictured in the attachment to my first posting about this topic.


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    That's what he's looking for. If you are in Quantico, my first suggestion is to try the Quantico thrift shop, although I don't know how pricey they might be. Next would be Ebay.

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    Thanks Leprechaun. Been looking on ebay and they can't seem to have them. I stopped by at the Quantico Boot store, not a whole lot there. I remember going there years ago and they had all the walls filled but not so much now.
    THanks though.

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    Sorry can't be of more help. The thrift store is probably the best bet, but I haven't been there in years myself. I'd rig ebay to do a search for me. Might even try google by just entering the search term/s for the boot you want, see if any pop up via a surplus dealer. There is also Craig's List as well.

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    Those look like a pair of bates boots, the most common pair of boot issued out.

    If for some unknown reason, the uniform shop doesn't have that very very common pair of boot.

    order online,

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