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    Marinewannabe23....I suggest you drop the "attitude".

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    Angry what?

    what? what attitude are you talking about? what did i do or say? you talking about the post how i hate mean people? im tired of reading **** where people always try to down the jrotc kids. its not right. if anyone has tha attitude its jackasses like you. shut up and quit downing people.

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    wannabe...like myself, you do not rate. Even if this wasn't a Marine Corps site, you should be reprimanded for your behavior towards your elders. Haven't you ever heard of respecting your elders? Even if they weren't respecting you or someone important, you sit down, shut up, and bear it.

    I don't normally give a rebuke such as this, but you went too far. Some of these Marines are simply joking and pushing buttons. That is what they do best. If you can't take it, then I suggest you start looking for another profession, or grow some thicker skin.

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    Young man, you have no idea what it takes to EARN that Eagle, Globe and Anchor.......and to be PROUD to wear it.
    A lot of Marines past and present went through a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to EARN that Eagle, Globe and Anchor.
    If any Marine wants to spout off on what he/she thinks about those who are in JROTC wearing the Eagle, Globe and Anchor because they didn't EARN it to wear it, they can.
    If you can't take what's being said here on Leatherneck, you will not survive in the Marine Corps, and one of our answers hurt your feelings or you feel we are not treating you nicely, you may want to consider a different career.

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    nigga who the **** are you. you aint even in this conversation **** boy. stay the **** out of **** that aint yours. and as for people who have a problem with me **** all yall punk ass *****es.

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    I hear black helos in-bound.

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    And so they were. Extracted forever for being a complete toolsack.

    And THIS is why 'people down' NJROTC punks like yourself. You act like a complete frakin know it all, when in reality, the only thing you 'know' is playing 'Call of duty' in your PJ"s while eating cheetos on Mom and Dad's couch at 0100 in the AM and thinking you are all cool for wearing a bunch of ribbons for showing up and having a medicore haircut, and surfing porn in your 'spare' time.

    Goodbye, and good luck in barber college. Scumbag.

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    The Woodland MARPAT Utilities that are issued to cadets in the MCJROTC programs, I believe are authentic USMC surplus utilities, excluding the nametape, (which is replaced by a MCJROTC nametape on the left breast pocket) but they do have the EGA on the left breats pocket, and the little USMC prints throughout the designs on both the trousers and blouse, along with the covers as well. Just an FYI.

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    I see a lot of issue being made about there not being name tapes on the utilitiy blouses, so they aren't "real" Marine issue, even though they have our EGA on the left breast pocket. I thought that is what made them Marine issue...the EGA on the left breast pocket. If the cover has the EGA on it, that's ours, too. What gives? Did someone sell the rights to the EGA to some designer or something? These uniforms have no business being adorned with our EGA...whether for JROTC of some sort or not. Learning to march and learning general orders for sentry duty and doing a few pull-ups does not qualify a person to wear the EGA on their uniform. I'm not trying to belittle the various JROTC programs and their effect on the young men and women who become involved in them, I just don't understand how they get to wear what we had to work so hard to earn...

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    Marines no matter what we say or Like they can wear the uniform by direction of the Commandant of the Marine Corps under MCO P1533.6

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    and here is a whole High School site for biys only that is nothing but MCJROTC

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    I think you guys have some good points. Whatever Young Marine said he is waiting for the day he can wear rough side out boots, first, shining your boots is a form of discipline, hard work, responsability, how to keep your gear top notch, etc. yes, I know there are many more reasons. Second, it is waaaay more than earning the uniform. I honestly think MCJROTC should wear gold disks that say JROTC like one commenter mentioned. I think that since they wear digi woodlands, I am aware there are versions that propper make without the EGA. I honestly believe in order to wear an EGA, you should do it the real Marine Corps way which is Boot Camp. I think JROTC is a great program however that teaches young people many good qualities that make them better later on. But remember to all you JROTC cadets, Earned, Never Given. So my request is reserve the EGA for those who earned it.

    Last edited by Lisa 23; 09-07-12 at 11:40 PM. Reason: Site rules.....you don't rate to say OohRah until you've EARNED the title...United States Marine.

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    I'm disappointed in you. As someone who has very conservative view points I would think you an advocate for programs like this for children.

    Also the uniforms have a big ass JROTC patch on them... and it doesn't say USMC on them.

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    Im Army jrotc, Sorry its the only jrotc I can choose from I would be in Marine Jrotc if I could but anyway why do service men/women always hate on the program. We have no disrespect for you. We try and make sure we have nothing that says we are in the service and its seems to be a good stepping stone to boot camp or basic

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    i am in MCJROTC and i find no problem with wearing the uniforms we are issued. and neither do any of my Marine buddies who are currently overseas. and not even the former marines that i know have a single problem with it. its not like we run around like chickens with our heads cut off saying "I'm a Marine," because that is just outright unrealistic if people think its a disrespectful thing to wear our MCJROTC uniforms because we have not "EARNED" them. im currently working with a recruiter and am being enlisted in the USMC, and he doesnt have a problem either. so you are all over reacting. of course Marines die for this uniform and shed blood with it, but it doesnt mean we are being disrespectful by wearing them. it is required to wear them. if anything, all of you Marines should be proud that people look up to you and want to be like you and one of you. you should be honored. i mean, i'm not going to sit here and be rude to you all but grow up and stop being offended like little sissies. <--- This comment WAS called for. man up Marines, and be greatful for once. holy ****. enough said.

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