I'd go back to Iraq, but I can't see
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    I'd go back to Iraq, but I can't see

    I can't tell you how much of an effect this Marine had on me today,


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    That was awesome!

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    sorta invalidates medical seps for sure...

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    Illegitimi Non Carborundum!!

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    I have heard of pilots in WW11 going back to fly after missing a leg. I think this is great.

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    Just no quit in some folks. Quite a Marine.

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    I was chatting with my girl last night about SSG Giunta, USA -- who is up for the MOH, and I was explaining to her the importance of the recognition. At one point she said, what about the Marine that you met last week up in Boston, referring to Cpl Bradford, she wanted to know if he would get a MOH. I said no, he got a Purple Heart and I explained to her what and why, but I told her that was it. She seemed confused and paused so I told her, it's not the medal on Cpl Bradford's chest, but the size of his heart inside it.

    Both SSG Giunta, and Cpl Bradford are cut from the same cloth, they both went above and beyond.

    Semper Fi

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