MCRD Parris Island question
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    MCRD Parris Island question

    I know that at boot camp weight loss is going to happen but I am curious as to how much on average people lose. I am 6' 4" 210 with 8% body fat and I'm wondering if I will come out skinny or somewhat near the same size.
    Thank you in advance

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    You'll slim the **** down. Lose a good chunk of the muscle since you won't be working it in a normal fashion, but you'll build it in some places. I came out 25 pounds lighter myself.

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    I spent three years at Parris Island and saw a lot of recruits go through - some lost weight, and some gained weight.

    Sounds like you're already pretty athletic, so here's my guess of what you'll experience. First, I wouldn't apply "average weight loss" to your case. If you're a big weightlifter, you'll lose some of your bulk. PT at boot camp doesn't pack on muscle the same way heavy weightlifting does. I doubt that you'd lose more than 5 to 10 pounds. At 8% bodyfat, I'd guess you'd come out between 205 and 210.

    If you are primarily doing body weight exercises - pull ups, push ups, dips, etc, then you'll experience very little weight change, and perhaps would put on a couple of pounds.

    I am also 6'4" - I played college ball at about 240, went in the Marine Corps at about 225 and maintained a weight on active duty usually between 210 and 215, occasionally dropping down to about 205 while on deployment.

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    I gained about five-pounds during boot camp. But I was still skinny (then) at 5' 11" 165.

    Everybody is different. You may not lose or gain an ounce.

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    I am 5'9", went into boot camp 190 lbs, graduated at 145 lbs.

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    I went to PI in the Merry Month of May weighing in at about 165, when I left Geiger in Sept. I was 190. They sure had some great chow.

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    Went into boot camp weighing 180 pounds at about 6'2". Came home and weighed 165. I was athletic and in my prime shape doing close to 200 crunches, 23 pullups, high 9 minute 1 1/2 before bootcamp. Not sure if it was the hot summer, lack of chow, perhaps from not going to medical when I was sick; but I came out much weaker and physically beat down. Pullups went way down and crunches became a bit harder. Run actually might have improved, but definitelt didn't decrease. I weigh about 190 now and am slowly getting back to my prior fitness thanks to having access to a gym and daily PT at MOS school. You definitely put back on the pounds through your 10-day leave, SOI and MOS school.

    No one person will be effected the same though; there are so many variables in play to say for sure how you will be effected. Just go, give your best, and come back tall and proud, and a MARINE!

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    I gained 30 lbs went to P.I. At 130 left at 160

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    Went to PI at 6'3" 200. Left at 150. There is no forumla.

    All said and done, I could go up a rope without hardly touching it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkie View Post
    Went to PI at 6'3" 200. Left at 150. There is no forumla.

    All said and done, I could go up a rope without hardly touching it.
    I'm not a doctor but I don't think that's healthy

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    I gained weight in boot camp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by martinj View Post
    I'm not a doctor but I don't think that's healthy
    It was damm healthy for me.

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    I went in around 150-155 came back around 145 pounds

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    I guess I may mirror Sparkie a bit, came in at 205, final weight 156. My final PFT run was 18.36, never to beat that one.

    My little brother was a house mouse, he ended up gaining 20lbs. I average 180 during my enlistment.

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    IM 5'9" went to P.I. at 165 came out 135 but i lifted weights in high school so i did lose a lot of that muscle!

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