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    Well, I'm no longer located on my FOB in Afghanistan as the advon are on our way home. We are at another Camp here for a few days and I wanted to spread the news finally about being promoted to Corporal on the 1st. I'm not going to be on much during the next week or so due to traveling, so I updated my rank avatar to reflect.

    Semper Fi!

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    Congratulations Corporal ! OOOOOOOORRRAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

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    .....CONGRAT'S......NUMBNUTS!!!! Only took 20 years!!.....not bad!.....

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    Congrats Diz. I am really happy for you.

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    leatherneck is a FOB>??? huhhh,,, but it has a huge PX --so you can buy tv's and stuff i didnt know oyu could buy tv's at FOBs

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    Congrats Devil Dog.

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    Dont sell yourself short and run like hell at the end of the promotion ceremony. You better have earned your bloodstripes on both legs from every Nco in your Platoon. Congradulations Corporal, now you must lead from the front. Study your knowledge.

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    I remember well my promotion to corporal. It was a 'meritorious' promotion because of my cooking at Camp Geiger during a reserve summer camp. And that was even after I used margarine instead of butter to make 20 gallons of chicken gravy -- it turned green. Lots of food coloring later, it was fine.

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    Congratulations Cpl. You have earned the stripes now go and lead by example.Semper Fi

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    No,Leatherneck is a Camp... I wasn't stationed on either of the 2 camps in my area. I was on a FOB. Thanks for all the congrats!

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    Congrats Diz!!
    Semper Fi

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    Diz, Congrats on your promotion to CPL!

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    Thanks again everyone! Semper Fi!

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    Congrats Diz. Being a NCO is really a giant step in rank. Many, outside of here, won't understand the size of that step. Be a fair and honest leader. Train your troops to take your place as you prepare for another chevron.

    Set your sights high and be the best.

    Again, Congrats Corporal.

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