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    Anyone been to VBSS?

    Iím currently with 2nd Battalion 8th Marines and I got selected to be apart of the security aka trailer platoon for Maritime Raid Force. We have conducted CQTE and Advanced Swim Qual and will be...
  2. I hit the Fleet in a week, going to 2/8. Advice?

    Just a junior Marine trying to get some advice before he hits the fleet. Anything I should know or purchase for being apart of an infantry unit ? I got my 9 line down
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    Just run run run and do sprints. I focused on...

    Just run run run and do sprints. I focused on calisthenics so mostly just body weight exercises like pull ups squats etc. hike with some weight too for a few miles a week. Don’t overtrain
  4. I appreciate it!

    I appreciate it!
  5. Being married as a junior Marine infantryman ?

    Iím currently just graduated school of infantry Geiger as an 0311. Iím just wondering are there any 03 "M"arines on here that married young? If so Iíd like to talk about how life will be as a married...
  6. Certain PFT score needed for 03 mos at boot camp?

    do i need a certain score on the pft if i have an 03 contract? lf so what are the minimum requirements?
  7. any marines that were former high school wrestlers?

    i just want to know if they're any on this website and if so how well did wrestling help you physically and mentally at boot camp?
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    How well will i do in boot camp?

    I am asking this because i want to know if i'll be looked good upon or just another recruit because i was in the Navy Sea Cadets which is basically NROTC lol, and i know alot of marching, terminology...
  9. Doing what i can to "prepare" for MCRD Parris Island

    I say "prepare" because everyone i've talked to says nothing will prepare you, but i've lately been getting my running in and situps pushups pullups etc. Any tips or workouts to have me in amazing...
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